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Graduate Students

Tuition for graduate studies at Valparaiso University is extremely competitive. As one of the highest ranked institutions in the Midwest, our costs are lower than many other private universities in the region. Here are the per credit hour costs for our graduate degree programs. The total cost of a graduate degree varies by the specific requirements of each graduate program. Please consult the Graduate Catalog or contact the Graduate School directly for detailed credit hour requirements and any other associated fees.

2024-2025 Graduate Tuition Costs Per Credit Hour


Credit Hour Fee

Graduate degrees – Master’s programs


Graduate courses – Certificate programs


Master of Science in Nursing


Master of Public Health


Occupational Therapy


Occupational Therapy Doctorate (Entry-Level)


Doctor of Occupational Therapy (DrOT – Post Professional)


Doctor of Nursing Practice


Physician Assistant Program

Financial Aid and Costs

Master in Health Administration


Master of Business Administration (MBA)

$2,500 per course

*Other program fees