Physician Assistant Program

Financial Aid & Costs

Cost of the 5-year (3+2)
PA Program

The following are estimated costs of attendance to Valparaiso University for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Graduate Phase




Year 4 $43,400 $12,600 $56,000
Year 5 $43,400 $5,880 $49,280
Total Graduate Tuition $105,280

*Summer semester = $840 per credit hour

Valparaiso University Withdraw and Refund Policy

Graduate Phase

Year 4

Year 5

General Fee $520 $520 $1,040
*Program Fee $6,600 $6,600 $13,200
Criminal Background & Drug Testing Fee $118 $118 $236
One Time Fees:
 ~ Medical Equipment $765 -0- $765
 ~ PA Professional Organization Memberships &
Student Society Memberships
$165 -0- $165
 ~ Student Lab Coat & ID Badge $60 -0- $60
Total Graduate Fees $15,466

*The program fee will cover the cost of online textbook and instructional video subscriptions, library resources, lab and testing fees, ACLS training, liability insurance, and clinical site instruction.

When considering other aid options, Federal/State/Valpo grants are available to those who qualify for the first three years, and graduate limits applying to the last two years. If summer aid is needed, it is important to remember that generally only loans will be available.

Students who are utilizing financial aid may request funding to cover the cost of the PANCE (Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination) during their last year in the program. Students are encouraged to reach out to the Office of Financial Aid to discuss this option.