In addition to the tuition and general fee charged to you, other fees may apply to you based on your program and/or enrollment or housing status.


Part-time Undergraduate Tuition: $1,715 per credit (if below 12 credits)

Course Overload Fee: $1,625 per credit over 19 credits

Part-time Undergraduate General Fee: $120 per semester (if below 12 credits)

Part-time Graduate General Fee: $125 per semester (if below 9 credits)

Full-time Graduate General Fee: $260 per semester (9 credits or more)

RN Special Rate: $530 per credit

Nursing Lab ($150), Liability ($36) and Testing Fee ($996): total $1182 for one semester (begins sophomore year). For each subsequent year, only lab and liability charged.

Music Lab/Performance Fee: $400/semester, per lesson

Engineering Lab Fee: $385 per semester, or $770 for the year

Social Work Lab Fee: $90 per semester for freshmen/sophomores

                                   $350 per semester for juniors/seniors

Study Abroad Fees

Vehicle Registration: $332 annual or $132 per semester.


*International Student Mandatory Insurance Fee each semester –

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