Financial Planning


One of the top concerns students and families have about global education is cost. It is important that students understand how cost works with our programs and research possible funding opportunities.

For all Valpo-approved semester and year-long study abroad programs, students pay tuition and general fees directly to Valparaiso University as they normally would here on campus. Students and their families can keep the same payment plan with the Financial Aid office during the term a student is abroad. Most Valpo scholarships and financial aid will apply toward the tuition, with the exception of some scholarships that require students to be on campus. This means that most students pay the same academic cost as they would at Valpo. Students should meet with their Financial Aid advisor when planning for their time abroad to determine what the exact cost will look like with their aid package applied. The Financial Aid office can also share any other options available for funding study abroad. Other costs will vary. Students should consult program cost sheets and their study abroad program advisor for more specific cost information and estimates of out-of-pocket expenses.


Please consult the linked document below to find budget sheets for all active Valpo abroad programs. Scroll through the sheets to find the program you are looking for and easily compare program cost information.

Cost Sheets 2021-22

Room & Board

For some programs, students will pay housing (and in some cases board) to Valpo, while for other programs they pay the host directly. Be sure to check the program information and budget sheet to determine what your housing costs will be.

Personal & Travel Expenses

Students should reference program-specific information for recommendations on personal spending amounts. These expenses vary widely from country to country, as the cost of living is different around the world. Furthermore, students should budget for flexibility in variable exchange rates for the country they are visiting.

It is impossible to determine what each student will spend, and individual spending habits vary from person to person. The amount on the cost sheet will give students a good idea of what to plan for. Students should take some time to think through their individual spending habits — Study Abroad staff and students who have studied in that location previously can help — and adjust the amounts accordingly.

Many students wish to take advantage of the many travel opportunities during an academic term abroad. Travel estimates will vary depending on the interests of each participant and desired locations. Students should plan accordingly.

Additional Fees:

Students participating in a Valpo Study Center program will pay a center program fee that covers accommodation, group travel, cultural excursions, and social activities arranged throughout the term abroad. They will not pay housing or meal plan to Valpo. Please see the Center budget sheets for estimated costs. The program advisor can also go over cost information in more detail.

At the time of application, all students pay a one-time $75 administrative fee. This supports the Office of Global Education as they work with you and prepare you to study abroad in addition to the support they provide while you’re abroad and even after you’ve returned. Some of these services include, but are not limited to:

  • Program advising and support
  • Passport and visa guidance
  • Scholarship assistance (if applicable)
  • Maintaining Valpo enrollment status while students study abroad
  • Pre-departure preparation & orientation
  • Site-specific orientation
  • Embassy registration
  • Monitoring world events and U.S. State Department reports on program locations
  • Emergency assistance while abroad (as needed)
  • Post-program programming and assistance
  • Non-Valpo program support