While Abroad

Things to do while you are abroad

  • Check your Valpo.edu email!!
    • Student Life, study abroad check-ins, Housing & Res Life, and others will still email you while abroad, so it is important that you check your valpo.edu email.
    • Check-in messages from the study abroad staff will be sent through VIA messages. We assume no news is good news, but we always love to hear from students! We also will send out social media feature invites throughout the semester.
  • Let your Academic Advisor and the Study Abroad office know your final course selections to help make processing your transcript easier and faster. This is done through a form on VIA.
  • Check in with your friends and family! We always recommend that you set up a check-in schedule before you leave, so contact expectations are known by all friends and family. Do you want to talk everyday, once a week at a set time/date, or go for full immersion?
  • Blog, participate in Instagram Takeovers or soft takeovers, features, etc.
  • Study, travel, grow! Enjoy your time abroad!!