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The Study Abroad Process chart

The Study Abroad Process in Detail


  1. Login to VIA. Sign in with your Valpo single sign-in.
  2. Start browsing the programs. VIA is where all program information, applications, and forms are located for Valpo approved study abroad programs.
    • Parents, family members and prospective students can use the Public Catalog link to view all study abroad program brochures.
  3. Schedule a First Time Study Abroad Advising Meeting. This meeting is optional. The advising meeting is a great opportunity to ask questions, address concerns, and learn more about the study abroad process at Valpo. Meetings are held by the study abroad student interns, who have all completed a Valpo approved study abroad program. Meetings can be in-person or virtual.
  4. Start an application. All applications can be found on VIA. Please note that some programs may have an additional application from the program host (ex. exchanges and affiliates). Depending on when applications open and when you start looking at study abroad, these applications may happen simultaneously, or you may have to wait for one of the applications to open.
    • What’s included on the application?
      • Name (first and last)
      • Home Address
      • Expected Graduation Year
      • GPA
      • Passport Status (A passport is required for all Valpo approved study abroad programs. A passport is not required at the time of application unless otherwise noted on the program brochure. Students are encouraged to get a passport as soon as possible to ensure it arrives in a timely manner.)
      • How you heard about study abroad?
      • A short personal statement about why you want to study abroad
      • Academic Recommendations (1-3 depending on the program type; General Academic Recommendation, Academic Advisor Recommendation, & Language Evaluation Recommendation)
      • E-signature acknowledgement for program Cost Estimates and Course Planning
      • Application fee of $75, a non-refundable administrative fee.
      • Submit the application. Applications are due March 1 for Summer, Fall, and Academic Year programs and October 1 for Spring and Spring Break programs. Some programs may have earlier or later deadlines, check the Via brochure for the specific date. If your program has a host application in addition to the application on VIA, students are responsible for completing it and all application requirements before the host deadline.
      • Meet with your Financial Aid Advisor to determine how your aid package will apply to your semester abroad. For all Valpo approved programs, tuition stays the same and is billed to your Valpo account as per a normal semester on campus. This means that most scholarships and aid apply as a normal semester. However, some scholarships may not apply, the Financial Aid Office can work with you to determine how your package will apply to your study abroad program!
  5. Apply for your passport book. While you wait to hear back about program acceptance, apply for your passport book if you do not have one already. A passport book is required for all Valpo approved study abroad programs.
  6. Complete your forms. More information about forms can be found below in the post-acceptance section.
    • Students participating in a semester- or Academic Year -long program are required to have at least one customized meeting with the Study Abroad Coordinator. The meeting will go over cost and funding, details of the program, course planning, managing expectations, as well as provide time for any questions or concerns to be addressed.
  7. Attend all Pre-Departure Orientations. Pre-Departure orientations are split into three parts: (more information on the pre-departure orientations can be found below in the post-acceptance section)
    • Blackboard course of helpful information (no assignments)
    • Culture & Identity Workshop
    • Site-Specific
  8. Go Abroad!


  • Read your acceptance/approval email letter very carefully! Will include the following information:
    • Orientation dates
    • Next steps
    • Forms that will need to be completed with due dates
  • Complete Forms added to your VIA account.
    • Completing certain forms will update your application status to ‘Committed.’
    • Forms include, but are not limited to:
      • All Traveler Post-Acceptance Form (all programs – emergency contacts, e-signatures, health disclosure, FERPA release, etc)
      • Course Planning Form (all semester and Academic Year programs)
      • Flight Itinerary Form (all semester and Academic Year programs)
      • Site-Specific Form (Valpo Study Centers)
      • Program Form 1 with deposit (Short-Term Faculty-Led programs)
      • Program Form 2 with final payment (Short-Term Faculty-Led programs)
        • Some Short-Term Faculty-Led programs may include additional payment forms.
      • Housing & Identity Form (Short-Term Faculty-Led programs – used to help determine roommates)
      • Visa Acknowledgement Form (Semester & Academic Year programs – students are responsible for determining and obtaining any required visa(s) for their program location).
  • Predeparture Orientations
    • Blackboard course: includes helpful tips, tricks, and general study abroad information – there are no assignments or work associated with the course. Information provided includes, but is not limited to health and safety, finances, cell phones, academics, medications and legality abroad, packing tips, culture shock, identity abroad, and more. Students are responsible for reviewing all the information provided.
    • Culture and Identity Workshop: the date and time were provided on your acceptance/approval letter – all students studying abroad are expected to make every effort to attend. This workshop goes over identity abroad, culture shock, reverse culture shock, managing expectations, and more.
    • Site-specific orientation: information more specific to your program destination, sometimes provided on-site or over Zoom.
  • Sign into your CISI Insurance
    • All Valpo students participating in a Valpo approved program are required by General Counsel to be enrolled in CISI travel and medical insurance. A link to your cards will be sent to your email shortly before your program start date, so be sure to sign in and download/print the cards before you travel!
  • Prepare to share your experience!
    • We love to see what our students are doing while abroad! Students are encouraged to send pictures, videos, quotes, and blogs to the Office of Global Education for social media features, takeovers, blogging (long or short stories), videos for TikTok/IG Reels.
    • Each semester, the Office of Global Education seeks current study abroad students to contribute to our Study Abroad Blog. If you are interested in learning more about how to become a blogger/vlogger, please contact our office ( Typically, the call for applications goes out around orientation time. To apply, students will submit a short application form and a sample post.

Choosing a Program – Program Types

Study abroad will allow you to earn credits and make progress toward your degree while participating in a cross-cultural learning experience. Programs vary greatly in structure, length, and benefits. Deciding to study abroad can be exciting, overwhelming, and even a little scary. There is a lot to consider among many different program types and destinations.

As you consider your options, it’s important to think about what kind of experience you want to have and what you are looking for in a program in addition to destination. Here are a few questions to get you started:

  • Are you looking to master fluency in another language? What about starting to learn a new language?
  • Do you need to take specific classes, or do you have electives or general education requirements that you can fulfill abroad?
  • Are you looking for an immersive, independent experience, or would you prefer to travel with a group of Valpo students to a center that offers full-time support from a Valpo faculty member? Maybe you are looking for something in the middle.
  • Are you interested in doing an internship as part of your program abroad?

The key for study abroad, regardless of which program you choose, is to research your options and plan ahead with your academic advisor and Global Education staff.

Below is some more detailed information on the different types of programs Valpo offers that you can use as you consider your options.

Valpo administers study centers in England, Germany, and Costa Rica. The England and Costa Rica centers feature a local on-site coordinator who leads the students on group excursions and provides support and cultural guidance throughout the semester. The Germany center includes on-site support from the local international office. The programs also include built-in group excursions, housing in homestays or residence halls, and some room in the semester for personal travel. Semester dates at the centers will be similar to the Valpo academic calendar. While in some locations, some prior language study would be helpful, Study Center programs do not require prior language education for participation.

Exchange programs are designed to be a reciprocal exchange of students from one institution to another. Students will enroll directly in the partner universities abroad while earning credit at Valpo. Exchange programs are designed for independent students who want a very immersive experience and are comfortable with limited academic and social support abroad. They can be ideal for those studying a language and/or who have a more flexible study plan. In some cases, students need to have prior language education to participate.

Valpo students can choose to study abroad in a program administered by a partner U.S. university or provider that admits Valpo students as part of their semester cohort. These programs feature an on-site director, built-in excursions, and logistical support. While students who participate in affiliate programs may be the only Valpo student participating, they will likely find they are part of a cohort of other US students from all over the country. Approved affiliate programs will allow students to take courses that come back as Valpo credit.

Faculty-led programs are great opportunities for students who are looking for a specific type of experience, or who may not be able to study abroad for a full semester. These programs are lead by a Valpo Faculty member on a program that they’ve proposed and designed. They typically focus on one particular subject and provide unique experiences to the students who participate. Most of these programs take place over the two-week Spring Break, although they may also take place over the Summer. There are some departments who consistently lead similar programs each year. One example is the College of Nursing & Health Professions. They lead around five or six programs each Spring Break sending more than 100 students abroad each year. These programs are intentionally designed for CONHP students and give them hands-on, practical experience abroad. Another example is the Theater program that travels to London. This program, while focused, offers general education credit and is open to students in any major wishing to participate.

While there are departments running programs consistently, there are often new programs each year. Be sure to login to Via to check out the programs offered.

Independent Research/Study

Valparaiso University Study Abroad is proud to have students traveling abroad through a variety of different activities and opportunities. However, we also want to make sure that your time abroad is as safe and enjoyable as possible. To ensure your health and safety while you are traveling, it is important that you register with the Office of Global Education. This registration is perfect for students headed out to do research, attend a conference, or any other kind of international travel with the University. By doing so, students will be included in pre-departure orientations, and receive support prior to departure, while abroad, and upon returning home as needed for their travel.

Hit Register Now, and login to Via with your Valpo sign-in. After signing in, click on ‘Via Travel’ at the top of the screen, then select ‘Create New Plan’.  Add the info, click save new plan and from there you can build itinerary details as needed.


Non-Valpo Programs

Valpo students are able to participate in non-Valpo-approved programs through another institution in the United States, a program provider, or by directly enrolling in an institution abroad that accepts short-term international students. These programs can be great options for students looking for specific academic curricula not offered in an existing Valpo Global Education option, but students should be independent and comfortable with limited academic and social support. Students directly enroll, pay tuition and fees directly to the program provider, and receive transfer credit that they can bring back to Valpo (but no grades).

Students interested in this option should meet with their academic advisor and Global Education staff as early as possible to discuss details. Specific credit approvals from the appropriate Valpo academic departments must be secured by the student before departure.

Hit Register Now, and login to Via with your Valpo sign-in. After signing in, click on ‘Via Travel’ at the top of the screen, then select ‘Create New Plan’.  Add the info, click save new plan and from there you can build itinerary details as needed.