New student orientation



First-Year Students and Parents/Guardians

Due to COVID-19, FOCUS is a day-long event in July for first-year students and parents/guardians, rather than our usual 1.5 day experience in June. Students spend their time preparing for class registration, learning their way around campus, discovering co-curricular opportunities, and getting to know each other. Family members learn about campus resources so they can help their students with the transition to college.

All first-year students, will have a full day preparing for academic advising and class registration while getting to know your way around campus, meeting new friends, and starting to learn about campus resources.

July 2020 First-Year Student Schedule


The July FOCUS parent/guardian schedule emphasizes information and resources to direct students when they need help during their time at Valpo. It is a full day of sessions with optional dinner on campus.

July 2020 Parent/Guest Schedule


Transfer Students

Due to COVID-19, FOCUS will occur as a 1-day experience in July, rather than our usual June orientation days. Transfer students have a full day of sessions. The morning focuses on resources and tools unique to Valpo that you need to know. Academic advising and course registration occurs in the afternoon, followed by the opportunity to take care of business with campus offices.

As a transfer student, we know you already have some college experience. FOCUS creates an opportunity for you to figure out how your Valpo experience will be different from your prior collegiate experience.

July 2020 Transfer Student Schedule

August FOCUS

It is strongly recommended that all new students attend FOCUS earlier in the summer. However, if it is not possible to come in earlier due to visa restrictions or other challenges, new students need to attend August FOCUS. This year’s session is on Tuesday, August 11. The day begins at 8 a.m. and ends by 5 p.m. NCAA athletes whose sports are in pre-season in August (football, soccer, volleyball) who did not attend FOCUS earlier in the summer need to plan to attend August FOCUS. International students attend International Student Orientation in addition to August FOCUS.


Student Affairs
New Student Orientation
Harre Union, Suite 250
(+1) 219.464.5413

Brandi Kneifel
Administrative Assistant

Bonnie Dahlke Goebbert
Assistant Dean of Students
First-Year Students and Commuter Programs