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Transferring Credits to Valpo

Valpo’s 70+ career-focused degree programs, student-centered faculty, and welcoming community make us a popular transfer destination. Find out how far your previous college experience will take you.

Criteria for transfer credit:

How Valpo Awards Transfer Credit

Valpo awards transfer credit on a course-by-course basis, with the following considerations:

  • Major Credits: Applying credits to your major at Valpo requires the approval of your college dean or department chair.
  • General Education Credits: Valpo applies credits that are the equivalent of existing Valpo courses to your general education requirement or as an elective.
  • Credits from a Quarter System: Valpo generally counts three quarter hours as two semester hours of credit.
  • Minimum Grades: Valpo will accept transfer credits with a minimum grade of C-. Grades are not transferable; only credits transfer.
  • Maximum Age: Valpo accepts credits earned more than 15 years ago on a provisional basis. You must then complete 30 semester hours at Valpo with a minimum GPA of 2.0.

Transferring from a Community College?

If you have attended a community college, you might find your college listed here.  Check out our list of suggested courses from some of our Community College partners.  This page is updated frequently as new information is available, however, if you do not see your college or program listed, please reach out to our transfer team.    

Students with the last name ending in A-G:
Email Melissa.Rogers@valpo.edu and she will be happy to assist you.

Students with the last name ending in H-Z:
Email reyna.wilson@valpo.edu and she will be happy to assist you.

Maximum Transfer Credits

The maximum number of credits Valpo accepts depends on the college you attend:

  • College of Arts and Sciences: 94 credits
  • College of Business: 94 credits
  • College of Engineering: 100 credits
  • College of Nursing: 94 credits
Transfer Equivalency Lookup

Look up transfer equivalencies for your previous coursework. Our goal is to list all possible transfer credits from other higher education institutions, and the database is being updated daily.


We’re here to help. Just contact us. We’ll respond quickly, and we won’t share or sell your information, or send a bunch of emails (unless you want us to).