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Placement Assessments

Placement information below is for students starting classes at Valpo in January 2022. Placement information for students starting at Valpo in July or August 2022 will be available in February.

All undergraduate students starting Valpo classes in January 2022 may complete placement now. Placement must be done at least one week prior to your FOCUS session for your academic advisor to have the information for your advising session.

Placement assessments determine at what level you begin instruction in that subject at Valpo. All students (yes, all) do the ALEKS questionnaire for math. Many students do world language. See below for details.

For Both International and Domestic Students

All students (first-year, transfer, domestic, and international) please complete the ALEKS questionnaire online now. After you submit your questionnaire answers, read the resulting information on the screen very carefully for next steps.

The ALEKS questionnaire has you enter information that determines a preliminary placement level which may or may not require completing the full math assessment. When you submit the questionnaire, you will be given further information regarding your math placement leading to one of these three scenarios:

  • If you get a preliminary placement level that fits your academic program needs, then you won’t need to do the full assessment and you are done with math placement.
  • If you get a preliminary placement level that is too low for your academic program needs, you will be able to launch the full placement assessment to try to increase your placement level.
  • If the system cannot pre-place you based on the questionnaire information you submitted, you will be directed to launch and complete the full math placement assessment.

The placement assessment is not timed. During the assessment, a calculator is embedded in the online assessment and appears for appropriate questions. No outside devices may be used. The full assessment can be completed multiple times to try to increase your placement level as long as you complete your individualized learning modules in the system between each retake.


Read more details about math placement.


For Both Domestic and International Students

Do complete
 the online placement assessment in a specific language (Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Latin, or Spanish) as soon as possible to continue in the same language you began before Valpo if:

  • You have taken this language in high school/middle school/junior high; or
  • You have studied this language through homeschooling; or
  • You speak this language at home and/or with family

Do not complete the online placement assessment in a world language if you have never been exposed to that language, or you have only studied that language independently using software. You register for level 101 to begin a new language.


Take World Language Placement Online


For Both International and Domestic Students

Domestic first-year students will begin in CORE 110 or Christ College 110. There is no writing placement assessment for domestic first-year students.

Domestic transfer students will begin in CORE or CC 110 or 115 or may be placed beyond these. This placement is dependent upon the number of transfer credits and the types of coursework completed. Send your official university transcript(s) to admissions@valpo.edu as far in advance of FOCUS as possible to allow the information to get to your academic advisor in time for FOCUS.

International student English proficiency is determined based on previous coursework and exam scores. Sometimes more information is needed. If that is the case, international students will be asked to complete a writing placement assessment. Using all of this, international students may be placed into English coursework or independent study or CORE 110 or CORE 115.



Contact the Access & Accomodations Resource Center (AARC) as soon as possible, before FOCUS, if you had an IEP in high school or received accommodations at another college or university. Send your documentation to the AARC as far in advance of FOCUS as possible to ensure seamless transition.


Students are expected to abide by Valpo’s Honor Code while completing placement assessments:

“I have neither given or received nor have I tolerated others’ use of unauthorized aid.”

This means no use of books, devices, or other people is permitted unless otherwise specified.

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