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Placement Assessments

Think of placement as a tool, not a test. Placement assessments ensure you begin your Valpo studies at the level in which you’re most likely to be successful while still challenging you to take your learning to the next level.

All first-year and transfer students who have studied a world language prior to Valpo are encouraged to complete placement; it is required of some students. World Languages placement may be completed now. Click World Languages Placement below for more details and links to the assessment.

All first-year students will receive a math pre-placement via email from the mathematics department prior to FOCUS. This email will give further instructions, based on the intended major, regarding whether or not to complete the full assessment. Click on Math Placement below for more details. Transfer students have slightly different instructions (click on the Math Placement section below for details).

For Both Domestic and International Students

All students are encouraged to complete language placement if you have previously studied one of the languages listed below so that placement is on file if/when you want to register for a class.

Do complete
 the online placement assessment in a specific language* (Chinese, French, German, Japanese, or Spanish) as soon as possible to continue in the same language you began before Valpo if:

  • You have taken this language in high school/middle school/junior high; or
  • You have studied this language through homeschooling; or
  • You speak this language at home and/or with family

Do not complete the online placement assessment in a world language if you have never been exposed to that language, or you have only studied that language independently using software. You register for level 101 to begin a new language.

Take World Language Placement Online Here (<– this site also has more helpful language placement and study information!)

Be sure to check out all the great academic help and student activity opportunities available for you in languages at Valpo! Learn more about the Language Resource Center

*Note: Certain language courses may not be available every semester or every year.

For Both International and Domestic Students

First-year students: watch your Valpo and personal email (the email address you put on your admission application) for your math preliminary placement from the mathematics department. This email is unique to you and will provide further details regarding whether or not you need to complete the full math placement assessment. Your preliminary placement is based on the academic information associated with your admission application. The possible placement levels are 0, 1, 2, or 3. Read more about placement levels on the mathematics department website.

If you are a first-year student whose preliminary placement email instructs you to complete the assessment, please complete the math placement assessment online here now (log in with your Valpo username and password – the same as you use to view your financial aid award).

If you are a transfer student who has taken mathematics or statistics coursework at another college or university, have your official transcript from that institution sent to transcripts@valpo.edu as soon as possible after final grades are posted so transfer may be applied to your record. You may also be asked to pull up a copy of your unofficial transcript from your last school during your academic advising appointment at Valpo.

If you are a transfer student and have not taken a mathematics or statistics course at another college or university, please complete the math placement assessment online here now (log in with your Valpo username and password – the same as you use to view your financial aid award).


Given that the Math and World Language Placement Assessments are self-paced and completed on your own, the AARC does not offer any additional testing accommodations. However, if you had an IEP in high school or received accommodations at another college or university, we would encourage you to contact the Access & Accommodations Resource Center (AARC) before FOCUS. Send your documentation to the AARC as far in advance of FOCUS as possible to ensure a seamless transition.


Students are expected to abide by Valpo’s Honor Code while completing placement assessments:

“I have neither given or received nor have I tolerated others’ use of unauthorized aid.”

This means no use of books, devices, or other people is permitted unless otherwise specified.

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