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Summer 2020 FOCUS Fees

First-Year and Transfer Students – $165 per student
This fee is billed as a one-time first-year programs fee on your student account for Fall 2020.

Parents/Guests – $85 per person
Paid when registering for FOCUS, this fee applies to anyone who accompanies a student to FOCUS. The last day for a parent/guest fee refund is June 1.

Fees help cover:

FOCUS Frequently Asked Questions

What is the last day to sign up for June FOCUS?
Please be registered for FOCUS by June 1, 2020. Register online here anytime after February 15 after you have completed your enrollment deposit (allow at least one business day for processing the deposit).

Am I required to have my parents attend?
No. FOCUS is designed to provide the most important information both students and parents need at the beginning of your transition to Valpo. FOCUS is required for new students; Parents/guardians of first-year students are advised to attend but are not required to attend. If Parents/guardians or other guests wish to attend FOCUS, they must be registered participants.

If my family only wants to come to Day 1 of FOCUS, do they need to pay the full amount to attend?
Yes. The full fee is charged per guest whether they choose to be here for part or for all of FOCUS.

Can my boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend attend FOCUS with me?
No, unless they are also enrolling at Valpo and have pre-registered themselves for the same FOCUS session. FOCUS is about meeting new friends. There is time during other days of the summer to spend time with people you already know. Space is limited to new students and immediate family (e.g. parents/guardians/spouses) only.

What should I bring to FOCUS?
For a list of things to bring to FOCUS, please see your section on this page.

Do students and parents have meetings together?
Students and parents have two separate schedules throughout FOCUS because they have different FOCUS goals. Throughout the days, some sessions are attended jointly while others are separate.

Do I need to set up an appointment with an academic advisor before orientation?
No. For students, meeting with an academic advisor and registering for classes are part of the FOCUS program. We have arranged this meeting between students and advisors.

What if I am undecided regarding a major?
Then you’re exploratory! It’s great to explore a variety of academic areas to determine what best fits you. You will meet with an exploratory advisor who can help you select classes that fulfill graduation requirements and explore a variety of interest areas. You should plan to take GS 150 – Exploratory Studies during which you’ll learn about your own skills, abilities, interests, and values and which academic areas may be a best fit.

Will my parents be with me when I schedule classes?
No. Parents/guardians are not in attendance during academic advising and registration because they have their own work to do within their own FOCUS schedule. The FOCUS academic advisors are specially trained to work with a variety of students to help you select an appropriate course schedule. Our academic advisors are the people who understand the nuances of scheduling that cannot be found in course catalog lists so they are the best people with whom to work to build the appropriate schedule. Every class that is available for registration at FOCUS gets you closer to graduation.

What if I change my mind on a major during the summer?
If you change your mind on a plan of study after FOCUS, or AP credit comes in, then you can change your schedule online during July or August. You’ll meet with your advisor again in the days just before Fall semester begins in case you need to make schedule changes.

When do I complete my housing preferences and learn my housing information?
All FOCUS participants get to learn more about Residential Life during sessions at FOCUS. Then, students will complete your housing preferences at the end of your FOCUS session. Residential Life will do assignments by mid-July and email them to your Valpo email. More details about residence halls and residential life are on their website.

When do I move in?
August move-in is Saturday, August 22. Students will receive an appointment time for move-in via your Valpo email in early August. Your move-in time will be sometime between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. on August 22. This helps keep traffic moving during the very busy move-in morning. Student athletes in a Fall sport who start pre-season camp before August 22 will find out their move-in date from their coaches sometime in July. Athletes, check with your coaches directly.

What is my address for shipping books/supplies?
Student Mail Services in Harre Union will assign unit numbers for all residential students by early August. Students will be able to view your mail unit number on DataVU ( – Students Menu – My Profile. The shipping address format is on the Mail Services website.

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