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Most registration changes are made online. Please visit the Register for Classes page for more information. Go to the Academic Calendar to view the deadlines for making changes to your schedule.

Students are encouraged to speak with their academic advisor for assistance with forms and registration.

For assistance in selecting the appropriate form, please visit guide to Selecting a Form.

  • Drop a Course
  • Withdraw from a Course
  • Regular to S/U Grade
  • S/U to Regular Grade
  • Audit a Course
  • Course Intensification
  • Extend Incomplete Grade (Available only for Incomplete grades impacted by COVID-19 as described in the Incomplete Extension Policy. Students should first see their instructor and advisor.)
  • Residence Requirement
  • Excess Credits
  • Absence of a Required Course
  • Shortage of Credits
  • Other Requirements in the Catalog
    • Participation in commencement early or late

Please visit the Verification page for complete details regarding verification services.

We encourage all students to use the National Student Clearinghouse for verification requests. For those rare instances when a personalized letter is required from the Office of the Registrar, please use the forms below:

to withdraw from all courses for the current term, students must complete the online form on DataVU

Students who have previously attended Valparaiso University and want to return to enroll in classes will need to complete an Application for Readmission.

Students who have previously attended Valparaiso University and want to return only for graduation will need to complete a petition for Administrative Readmission for Graduation.

for access to University services