Certification of Documents

Students who need to have their diploma and/or transcripts certified with an apostille or authentication for use outside of the United States, will need to have their documents notarized by a Notary Public in the Office of the Registrar.

The request for notarization must be indicated on the diploma request form, or transcript request, upon placing the order.

Notarization confirms the authenticity of diplomas and transcripts and therefore documents must be notarized at the time of issuance. The Office of the Registrar cannot accept returned documents for notarization.

Students are responsible for mailing their documents to the Indiana Secretary of State, Department of State, and/or their respective embassy, as appropriate for the country in which the documents are being used.

While our best effort is given to ensure your request is expedited, not all requests can be done the same day. Please allow sufficient time for notarization.

Apostille / Authentication

Please contact registrar@valpo.edu for additional assistance.