Congratulations to our Valpo graduates!

Diploma shipments typically arrive 10-15 business days after they are sent from the university. USPS delivery often depends on location and other factors. Many shipping services are currently experiencing delays related to COVID-19.

  • Graduates receive an email notification using their Valpo email account when diplomas are available.
  • Beginning in January 2023, diplomas and certificates can be ordered using the same Parchment account currently used for transcript ordering.
  • Final degree audits are processed after all course grades for the full academic term are recorded.
  • Diplomas are ready within 30 days of the end of the semester. We do our best to distribute them as quickly as possible.
    • Diplomas for May graduates are available beginning in June.
    • Diplomas for August graduates are available beginning in September.
    • Diplomas for December graduates are available beginning in January.
  • We are unable to release diplomas or certificates to graduates with any outstanding obligations to the University. Please resolve any outstanding obligations with the appropriate office(s) before graduation.
  • Diplomas will not be given to a third party.
  • Because we understand that all of our graduates have post-graduation plans that require their diploma, transcript, or certificate as soon as possible, we give them all equally high priority. We are unable to expedite the processing of any specific record since it would cause a delay for the rest.

Students who need to have their diploma and/or transcripts certified with an apostille or authentication for use outside of the United States need to have their documents notarized by a Notary Public in the Office of the Registrar.

The request for notarization must be indicated on the diploma order form, or transcript request, upon placing the order.

Notarization confirms the authenticity of diplomas and transcripts and therefore documents must be notarized at the time of issuance. The Office of the Registrar cannot accept returned documents for notarization.

Students are responsible for mailing their documents to the Indiana Secretary of State, Department of State, and/or their respective embassy, as appropriate for the country in which the documents are being used.

While our best effort is given to ensure your request is expedited, not all requests can be done the same day. Please allow sufficient time for notarization.

Apostille / Authentication Link: Indiana Secretary of State – How to obtain an Apostille or Authentication

Please contact registrar@valpo.edu for additional assistance.

Special Characters

Due to limitations with the font and software used to print diplomas, we are unable to accept some special characters. For most students, the character set used will be sufficient to correctly render their given names. For any special characters for which there is no support, the closest unaccented English character will be used instead.

Diploma Sizes
  • Undergraduate diplomas: 8 x 10″
  • Masters diplomas: 8 x 10″
  • Law diplomas: 13 x 16″
  • Doctoral diplomas: 14 x 11″
  • Certificates: 9 x 7″

Please contact the Office of the Registrar with any questions.

Diploma Frames

Please contact the Bookstore to order diploma frames.