During the orientation period that precedes each semester, placement tests are offered to incoming students (freshmen and transfers). These tests provide an opportunity for students to attain advanced placement, receive credit, or meet certain General Education Requirements at Valparaiso University. Advanced placement and/or credit are awarded in foreign languages, mathematics, and chemistry as explained in the listings for those departments in the General Catalog.

Credit earned by examination may achieve advanced standing, meet General Education Requirements, and accelerate progress into advanced areas of study in an intended major or interdisciplinary program. Credit by examination may reduce the time required to earn an undergraduate degree.


  • Foreign Languages
    • Chinese
    • French
    • German
    • Japanese
    • Latin
    • Spanish
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics

These tests are used to place students into the appropriate level for each subject; credit is not awarded for those courses that students place out of. Students who take the Foreign Language Placement Exam, however, may be eligible to receive retroactive credit for previous levels once the student satisfactorily completes the higher level course at Valparaiso University. Please read the “Placement and Special Credit” section under Foreign Languages and Literatures in the General Catalog for complete details.

Foreign Languages

Score of 1 Placed into Level 101
Score of 2 Placed into Level 102 or 103
Score of 3 Placed into Level 203
Score of 4 Placed into Level 204
Score of 5 Placed into Level 220 or above

Learn more about Foreign Languages & Literatures online.


The Mathematics placement summary can be found on their departmental website.


Score of 0 Placed into MATH 110
Score of 1 Placed into CHEM 111 or 115
Score of 2 Placed into CHEM 121
Score of 3 Placed into CHEM 131

Valpo Placement Exam FAQs

All students are required to take the Math Placement Exam, unless the appropriate transfer credit or outside credit by examination (such as AP) has been received and applied toward the student’s academic record. If you believe you have taken an appropriate math course at another university, or taken an outside credit by examination  that would exempt you from taking Valparaiso University’s Math Placement Exam, the official transcript from the college institution or Examining Board must be sent directly to Valparaiso University.

This exam is open to any student, but is only required for those students who will be majoring or minoring in a chemistry-related field. Students taking the chemistry placement exam are also required to take the math placement exam

Any student who is thinking of studying a language previously studied in high school should take the exam, regardless of the language requirement of the student’s chosen major. Students may take the exam in more than one language.

You will need to have the official college transcript or official credit by examination transcript sent to the Office of the Registrar at Valparaiso University. An evaluation of the credit will then be communicated to you by email and may exempt you from taking a Valparaiso University Placement Exam.

No. Placement credit awarded or tested out of per another school’s placement exam will not be accepted by Valparaiso University.

Yes, but only with the Foreign Language Placement Exam. The higher-level courses must be taken and passed at Valparaiso University to be eligible for retroactive credit in that language. Please refer to the “Placement and Special Credit”
section under Foreign Languages and Literatures in the General Catalog for full details.

Yes. You will need to coordinate with the director of the specific exam to schedule a retake.

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