Entering first-year students may become eligible for credit by examination in five ways:

  • Through the Advanced Placement Program (AP) administered by the College Entrance Examination Board;
  • Through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) administered by the College Entrance Examination Board;
  • Through the International Baccalaureate Program administered by International Baccalaureate (IB) North America;
  • Through the Cambridge International A Levels administered by the Cambridge International Examinations;
  • Through the course credit program administered by individual departments.

Credit earned from the above mentioned exams may not be used to fulfill Valparaiso University’s general-education requirement of Core 110 or Core 115.

To earn credit for the above mentioned exams, the official transcripts or official certificates must be sent directly from the examining board to Valparaiso University.

To order or request the official documents, here are some helpful links:

Students who submit results of Advanced Placement examinations are eligible to receive credit in accordance with the table published in the General Catalog, “Advanced Placement Program” section. AP examinations must be taken before enrollment as a full-time student at Valparaiso University. For more information, contact the Admission office.

The CLEP program provides an opportunity to gain college credit for those individuals who, through experience, independent study, or enriched high school courses, have attained college-level knowledge in a particular field. It is not recommended that these examinations be taken only on the basis of normal high school courses.

For full details, please read the “College Level Examination Program (CLEP) of the CEEB” section of the General Catalog.


For full details, please read the “International Baccalaureate Program” section of the General Catalog.

First-year students who submit results of Cambridge International Examinations A Levels (AS Levels will not be accepted) with grades of C or higher will receive credit as described in the “Cambridge International Examinations” section of the General Catalog.

Credit by Examination FAQs

You will need to have the official exam transcript sent directly to Valparaiso University. Links to the various Examination Boards and how to order transcripts from them, may be found in the Policy section at the top of this page.

No. Credit by examination credit may not be used to satisfy Valparaiso University’s CORE 110 or 115 requirement.

No. All credit by examination must be taken before matriculation to Valparaiso University. The only exception is the CLEP Exam. Students may CLEP an exam only in a subject they have not already taken at Valparaiso University or another institution.

No. Only official transcripts issued directly from the Examining Board to Valparaiso University will be accepted. For information of how to request an official transcript for the exams you took, please refer to the Policy under the Undergraduate Credit By Examination page.

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