Applying for Graduation

Please apply for graduation by filling out the Graduation Application found in the Graduation Overview of DataVU. This application is necessary even if you do not plan to take part in the Commencement Ceremony. This form triggers the degree audit process and gives you the opportunity to tell us exactly how you want your name printed on your diploma.

  • View your degree audit online at any time. Use the Program Evaluation (degree audit) link, which is located on the Academics menu under Academic Progress in DataVU. Look for indications of unmet degree requirements, such as credits, in the “Remaining” column at the top of the first page: “1 course needed;” “3 credits needed;” “! GPA;” “! Institutional Credits;” “Incomplete” sections; and NR, IEX, and I (incomplete) grades, etc.
  • Meet with your academic advisor to review your degree audit and make a plan of study for the final year of your program.
  • Resolve any unmet degree requirements on your degree audit by adjusting your registration or using the forms available online to request exceptions to the requirements published in the catalog.
    • Commonly used forms
      • Curriculum Change Request (Add or drop majors or minors, change catalog year, etc.)
      • Course Substitution
      • Committee on Academic and Professional Standards (CAPS) Petitions
        • Registration Change After the Deadline
        • Exception to the Stated Graduation Requirements
      • Transfer Credit Approval
      • Concurrent Enrollment
  • Apply for Graduation from the Graduation Overview of DataVU.
  • Annual Application Deadlines:
UndergraduateOct. 1Oct. 1Feb. 1
GraduateNov. 1Feb. 1Feb. 1
  • You will be sent a confirmation email after you submit your Graduation Application.
  • Only students who have submitted a Graduation Application are included in the mailing lists to receive information regarding Grad Finale and Commencement.
  • Changes cannot be made online after the form has been completed. Please email any changes to degree.audit@valpo.edu.
  • You can view your Graduation Application details at any time by returning to the form in DataVU.