Third Party Requesting Verification of Enrollment or Degree

Valparaiso University has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide enrollment and degree verification.

National Student Clearinghouse:

MailNational Student Clearinghouse
2300 Dulles Station Blvd., Suite 220
Herndon, VA 20171

Instructions for Requesting an Enrollment or Degree Verification

  • Go to the DataVU Student & Alumni Records menu.
  • There are two options for verification services:
    • National Student Clearinghouse Login (Enrollment Only) – This menu option will direct you to the NSC web page. You will then sign in and choose Current Enrollment or All Enrollment. Once you have selected one of these choices, click on Obtain an Enrollment Certificate. You will receive an Enrollment Verification Letter instantly if you have no restrictions on your account. If you have a restriction or account hold, resolve it with the appropriate office before requesting an enrollment verification letter.
    • Student Enrollment Verification – This menu option directs you to the Student Verification Request form. Complete and submit the form online. Please allow five to ten business days for processing. If you have a restriction or account hold, resolve it with the appropriate office before making your request.

For assistance, please email registrar@valpo.edu or call 219.464.5212.

Requesting a Valparaiso University Verification Letter

Verification Policy

All verification requests are managed either through the National Student Clearinghouse or using the Student Verification Request form as described above.

For students and alumni only requesting enrollment information (such as dates of attendance), you may use the NSC Login link. There you may order an enrollment verification letter, free of charge, that includes either current enrollment or all enrollment. Unless you have any restrictions on your account, a letter in PDF format will be generated immediately for you to save and print.

For students and alumni requiring additional information other than dates of attendance, use the Student Verification Request form as described above.

Verification letters for a third party, if processed by the Office of the Registrar, will require either a direct email address or mailing address. They will be sent directly to the recipient’s address. If submitting an insurance form, load deferment form, guest student application, verification of degree, or other documents, please attach the form to the Student Verification Request before submitting it online.

We are unable to release verification letters to students or alumni with any outstanding obligations to the university. If you have a restriction, or account hold, please resolve it with the appropriate office before making your request.

Enrollment Verification and Degree Verification FAQ

Verification Services FAQs are available in the university’s Knowledge Base.

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