Scholarships and Awards

The Valparaiso mathematics and statistics department has several scholarships, prizes, and awards available to students. They are given for a variety of reasons, from overall academic performance to the high score on an annual exam that tests mathematics skill. Click any link below for information about the award and a list of recipients.


Howard K. Hughes was an Iowa native who earned Applied Baccalaureate and M.S. degrees in mathematics from the University of Iowa, spent a short time at the University of Kansas, and then received his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in 1930. He began a long and distinguished teaching career at Purdue University in 1928, during which he authored a trigonometry text, published a number of papers, and guided eight students to the Ph.D. in mathematics. Upon his retirement from Purdue in 1968, Professor Hughes came to Valparaiso University, where he enjoyed three years.

Professor Hughes always proudly remembered his participation in a mathematics competition at the University of Iowa that resulted in the awarding of the Louden Prize. Professor Hughes resolved to contribute sufficient funds to Valparaiso University, so that recognition might be given for achievement in mathematics at Valpo.

To ensure the participation of science and engineering students, as well as mathematics students, Professor Hughes declared that the purpose of the competition would be to determine the student showing the greatest proficiency in the first four calculus courses. It is with much pride, and the warm memory of a gentle colleague, that we are privileged to award the Hughes Mathematics Prize.

Howard K. Hughes Recipients:

  • 2021 Eric Blassick
  • 2019 Andrew Edwards
  • 2018 Jonathan Bayert
  • 2017 Samuel Iselin
  • 2016 Casey Richardson
  • 2015 Nathaniel Bouman
  • 2014 Peter Jones
  • 2013 Alexander Arensmeier
  • 2012 Timothy Goodrich
  • 2010 Benjamin Macy
  • 2009 Spencer Roach, William Sheline
  • 2008 Adam Shull
  • 2007 Jared Erickson
  • 2004 Nathaniel Leonard, Alicia Zinnecker
  • 2003 Steven Klee
  • 2002 Briana Ehrhardt
  • 2001 Tamara Cundiff, Lara Pudwell
  • 2000 Kathy Cooksey
  • 1998 Mark Kerins
  • 1997 Genevieve Knight
  • 1993 Jonathan DeVilbiss
  • 1992 Eric Lofstad
  • 1989 Doug Limmer
  • 1988 Hope Concannon
  • 1987 Michael Campbell
  • 1986 Jonathan Jank, Julie Stafford
  • 1985 Kristi Keller, Russell Wenzel
  • 1984 Kathy Dempsey
  • 1983 Jonathan Sorenson
  • 1982 Michael Domroese
  • 1981 Norman Kolb, Paul Sarraffe
  • 1980 Karen Toth, James Handrock
  • 1979 Mark Littman, David Halter
  • 1978 Robert Sepanski
  • 1977 Kevin Boettcher
  • 1975 John Dixon
  • 1974 Leslie Poch
  • 1973 Dean Kolba

In the 1950s, Nancy Wehmeier attended Valparaiso University on a scholarship. She majored in mathematics and minored in physics, chemistry, and secondary education. As a senior, she was pleased to receive the Alpha Lambda Delta Award given to the graduating senior woman with the highest grade point average.

Her Valpo experience provided a solid basis for her to pursue a master’s degree at Illinois Institute of Technology, where she received a National Science Foundation Fellowship. After teaching mathematics in high school and college, she had a career at the Chicago Transit Authority where she was Manager of Management and Budget. She now resides in the Chicago area where she serves on numerous boards or for charitable organizations related to education and social service. She has two daughters.

In appreciation for her Valpo education, grounded in Christian values and the scholarship that she received, she and her husband Robert established the Nancy Wehmeier Nagel and Robert B. Nagel Prize. Believing that excellence should be rewarded, they have specified that the award be given to the woman mathematics major, who has the highest grade point average at the end of her senior year.

Nancy Wehmeier Nagel and Robert B. Nagel Recipients:

  • 2021 Lexi Gault
  • 2020 Ashley Hire
  • 2019 Stamatina Kalafatis
  • 2018 Brooke LeFevre
  • 2017 Breanna Struss
  • 2016 Cecilia LaCroix
  • 2015 Abby Kenyon
  • 2014 Samantha Cassell
  • 2013 Stephanie Volz
  • 2012 Carly Anderson
  • 2011 Heather Jerry
  • 2010 Joy Helfen
  • 2009 Jenny Reusz
  • 2008 Kimberly Haugen
  • 2007 Deborah Steffen
  • 2006 Elizabeth Brondos
  • 2005 Kathleen Quardokus
  • 2004 Nina Miller
  • 2003 Tamara Cundiff
  • 2002 Christine Dale
  • 2001 Christine Dale

The Martin David Mundt Scholarship was established in memory of the son of Prof. Marvin and Margaret Mundt. The award is made annually to an upper-division student(s) with a major or minor in mathematics.

Martin David Mundt Recipients:

  • 2022 Noah Lang
  • 2021 Eric Yager
  • 2020 Tim DeRolf
  • 2019 Thomas Shomer
  • 2018 Benjamin Levandowski
  • 2017 Calvin Duong
  • 2016 Brian Thompson
  • 2015 Cecilia LaCroix
  • 2014 Puttipong Pongtanapaisan
  • 2013 Samantha Cassell, Abby Kenyon
  • 2012 Michelle Kleckner
  • 2011 Zach Saylor
  • 2010 Adam Shull
  • 2009 Hannah Kwon, Adam Pecher
  • 2008 Jared Erickson
  • 2007 Josh Vredevoogd
  • 2006 Douglas Swanson
  • 2005 Steven Klee
  • 2004 Marjorie Brewer
  • 2003 James Murray, Joseph Puetz
  • 2002 Alan Srock
  • 2001 Kathleen Wisniewski
  • 2000 Wesley Terwey
  • 1999 Amelia Hurlock
  • 1998 Richard Maupin
  • 1997 Katherine Dueringer
  • 1996 Joseph Alyea, Gregory Grossart
  • 1995 Julie Sievers, Angela Janssen
  • 1994 Kirsten Thoney
  • 1993 Julie Peper, Gary Bakkker
  • 1992 Beth Reynolds, Eric Varness
  • 1991 Lori Stoeberl, Doug Limmer
  • 1990 Dayna Gustafson, Tom Thress
  • 1989 Amy Ceder, Marcia Wroblewski

Many “veteran” faculty members, along with many alumni, remember the kind, gentle leader, the father of the CIS department, Kermit Carlson. In the 1940s, he taught at Valparaiso University before and after serving in World War II and earned his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin, one of our country’s leading graduate schools in mathematics. He earned the great respect of outstanding professionals in the field and encouraged and nurtured us to develop skills in this new thing called computer science. In the late 1950s, he had a sense that the computer would have a large impact on higher education, even before those in technical fields began to push for it. He saw the computer as a tool for dynamic mathematics — mathematics in motion. He was a visionary in the true sense of the word.

As chair of the department for many years, beginning in 1957, he built the foundation for this modern department. He was a caring person who attracted caring people to teach at Valparaiso University. He conveyed the feeling that Valpo stood for something worthwhile; we had a mission. He helped to instill in us this feeling of community, mutual respect, and togetherness.

Kermit H. Carlson Recipients:

  • 2022 Spencer Gannon
  • 2021 Shreedhar Pandey
  • 2020 Jon Bayert
  • 2019 Jacob Roth
  • 2018 Davina Boykin
  • 2017 Kathryn Lezark
  • 2016 Matthew Klapman
  • 2015 Peter Jones
  • 2014 Adam Clark
  • 2013 Will Olson
  • 2012 Timothy Goodrich
  • 2011 Caleb Grim
  • 2010 Krista Schaefer
  • 2009 Joshua Zuellig
  • 2008 Ansel Hillmer
  • 2007 Ben Anderson
  • 2006 Deborah Steffen
  • 2005 Laura Stellfox
  • 2004 Nina Miller
  • 2003 Josh Persons
  • 2002 Lara Pudwell
  • 2001 Ian Renner
  • 2000 Mark Kerins
  • 1999 Genevieve Knight
  • 1998 Danielle Harmon, Susan Sullivan
  • 1997 Bonnie Stephens
  • 1996 Daniel Felten
  • 1995 Jonathan DeVilbiss

The Denig Endowed Scholarship is granted to those students majoring in math who have a financial need, are in good academic standing, and demonstrate Christian values.

Both Harold and Elizabeth were alumni of Valparaiso University. Harold received his bachelor’s degree in 1941, majoring in business and economics. He was a regional executive for General Electric for 32 years. Harold passed away in 1990. Elizabeth also graduated from Valparaiso University in 1941, with a bachelor’s degree in math. She passed away in 2003. They have two children, Nancy Denig Neubauer and Thomas Denig, who also graduated from Valparaiso University.

Harold and Elizabeth Denig Endowed Scholarship Recipients:

  • 2022 Joely Overstreet
  • 2021 Robyn Brown, Eric Burkholder, Gabe Fragoso
  • 2020 Andrew Edwards
  • 2019 Michael Bukata
  • 2018 Amy Klass
  • 2017 Samuel Iselin
  • 2016 Jordan Bauer
  • 2015 Samuel Prahlow
  • 2014 Shannon Segin
  • 2013 Ian Jones
  • 2012 Alexandra Paradine
  • 2011 Owen Prough
  • 2010 Kelsey Watson
  • 2009 Angie Storer
  • 2008 Jenny Reusz
  • 2007 Kimberly Haugen
  • 2006 Kirsten Keljo
  • 2005 Elizabeth Brondos, Jenna Hammang

Our friend and colleague, Arthur Hallerberg, was among us at Valparaiso University for 18 years. During that time, he represented the epitome of excellence. He was a devoted teacher who prepared meticulously for those students privileged to be in his classes.

As a writer, he generated numerous articles, authored two books, and edited the 31st yearbook of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Historical Topics for the Mathematics Classroom. As chair of the mathematics department, as presiding officer of the University Senate, and as director of nine National Science Foundation Summer Institutes in Mathematics, he set standards of service for all to emulate. His service to larger constituencies, whether to his profession or to his church, was always directed toward the betterment others and his love for his own family was deep and abiding. His untimely death left a deep void.

In the spring of 1980, in memory of Professor Hallerberg, Valparaiso University hosted a Symposium on the Use of History in the Teaching of Mathematics. Many national and international figures of the mathematical community attended to memorialize Professor Hallerberg’s consummate scholarship. It is therefore most fitting that there be a Hallerberg Memorial Endowed Scholarship encourages students to emulate his scholarship, service, and Christian commitment; those attributes that earned him the love and respect of all with whom he shared God’s many blessings.

Arthur E. Hallerberg Scholarship Recipients:

  • 2022 Brooke Palmer
  • 2021 Crista Ventrone
  • 2020 Austin Atterbury, Robyn Brown
  • 2019 Nicky Lewandowski
  • 2018 Alexander Bruno
  • 2017 Brooke LeFevre
  • 2016 Breanna Struss
  • 2015 Brittany Reynolds
  • 2014 Kathryn Merkling
  • 2013 Dan Leighty
  • 2012 Katerina Koutouvas, Janelle Hobbs
  • 2011 Carly Anderson
  • 2010 Peter Ellingsen
  • 2009 Joy Helfen
  • 2008 Bailey Holloway, Kristen Lyons
  • 2007 Carissa Heinold
  • 2006 Ryan Turner
  • 2005 Melanie Simpson
  • 2004 Anna Bickel
  • 2003 Eric Funke, Erin Lo Bue, Drew Trost
  • 2002 Betsy Richardson
  • 2001 Jennifer Engelhardt
  • 2000 Joseph Wurzburger
  • 1999 Ellen Goetz, Jason Adler
  • 1998 Ryan Collier
  • 1997 Anne Hoft
  • 1996 Kristen Myers
  • 1995 Andrew Richardson
  • 1994 Christina Dunklau
  • 1993 Kimberly Meyer, Timothy Maxson
  • 1991 Steven Tripenfeldas
  • 1990 Dana Goldstrand, Rhonda Kraus
  • 1989 Diane Atwood
  • 1988 Tammy Benner
  • 1987 Cynthia Cardels, Martin Hofer
  • 1986 Kim Wasserman, Susan Wilson
  • 1985 Darryl Schultz
  • 1984 Donna Hildebrandt
  • 1983 Lisa Dombrowski
  • 1982 Susan Kalemba

Sigma is the mathematical notation for summation, or adding things up. Students who are honored with the Sigma award have been involved in the mathematics and statistics department in multiple capacities and are honored for the sum of their activities.

Sigma Award Recipients:

  • 2022 Eric Burkholder, Marcus Engstrom
  • 2021 Tim DeRolf, Andrew Edwards, Hannah Pleasant
  • 2020 Nicky Lewandowski, Jacob Roth, Thomas Shomer
  • 2019 Tina Kalafatis, Ryan Kulwicki, Jon Metcalfe
  • 2018 Abigail Larson, Kathryn Lezark
  • 2017 Brian Thompson
  • 2016 Nichole Smith, Bill Mackelfresh, Daniel Groth
  • 2015 Puttipong Pongtanapaisan, Adam Clark, Christine Warner
  • 2014 Timothy Goodrich, Michael Stuck, Ruyue Yuan

Analogous to the Sigma award, the D.A.S.H. award recognizes students who are graduating with a major in data science, actuarial science, or statistics and who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance in one of these three disciplines.

D.A.S.H. Award Recipients:

  • 2022 Cassandra McMorrow, Madison Gawlinski, Gabriel Fragoso
  • 2021 Julia Allen, Terry Wade
  • 2020 Adi Johnson, Mackenzie Faurote, Mark Young
  • 2019 Emma Chelsvig, Daniel Herschel, Kimberly Orr
  • 2018 Adam Apel, Andrew Flasch, Grace Rogers
  • 2017 Jordan Bauer, Matthew Klapman