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Student Handbook

The Student Handbook is a ready reference for procedures, policies and resources for campus life and more. It is designed with the student in mind – as a user-friendly compilation of information all students need to know to help ensure successful and rewarding college careers. Every community has some regulations, common understandings, and shared values to assure that every person’s rights and privileges are protected. Valparaiso University students are expected to follow and obey all University regulations and local, state, and federal laws, and to take personal responsibility for their conduct and behavior. The statements included in this student handbook, and others in the current Valparaiso University General Catalog and Graduate Catalog describe orderly procedures for living and learning together at this University, as well as some limits for behavior.

By their registration at Valparaiso University, students signify their acceptance of the University’s academic and non-academic rules and procedures. The relationship between the University and its students is not custodial in nature; there is no special relationship with the University created by a student’s enrollment. The University does not assume any duty toward any students that is not required by operation of law or by the terms of the Student Handbook. In addition, the University reserves the right to amend and/or revise policies and procedures.

Please note: It is each student’s responsibility to know academic and student life policies, procedures, and deadlines.

Valparaiso University’ Nondiscrimination Policy as to Students can be found here.

For questions regarding policies, please contact the dean of students office at