Student Conduct and Support

Welcome to the Office of Student Conduct & Support!
We are available for students who have been documented for a student life policy violation, want to report a concern, or need support resources on campus.
Functions of our office include Student Conduct Boards, the Care & Concerns Committee, The Cornerstone Program, and Veteran Student Services.

Overview of Student Conduct Process

When students are documented for an alleged policy violation, a determination of responsibility will be made through the student conduct process.  The conduct process is adjudicated through Individual Conduct Conferences and Student Conduct Board Hearings.  The conduct process follows the following outline:

  • Introductions
  • Purpose of the hearing
  • Complainant Presents their Information
  • Questions for the Complainant
  • Respondent Presents their Information
  • Questions for the Respondent(s)
  • Deliberations
  • Respondent(s) Informed of the Decision
  • Respondent Accepts or Appeals Decision

Individual Conduct Conferences are adjudicated by a professional staff member at the university who serves as a hearing officer.  The hearing officer will review the incident report and any respondents’ testimonies, as shared during the conference, before making a determination.

Student Conduct Board Hearings are adjudicated by a panel of current students.  One student functions as the Student Coordinator and presides over the hearings.  The Assistant Director of Student Life serves as the advisor to the Student Conduct Board.  During the hearing, the incident report will be presented and respondents have the opportunity to share their testimonies before the Student Conduct Board makes a determination.

Appeals are due via the Guardian online system within 48 hours of receiving the hearing outcome notice.  The appellate officer will review the appeal and communicate a decision via email.

Navigating the Guardian Conduct Software
Please see the user guide for instructions on submitting appeals and sanctions

Valparaiso University Student Handbook

Student Support

Noelle Pease, Assistant Director of Student Life for Student Conduct and Support
Harre Union Suite 120