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Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC)

Valparaiso University is proud to provide students with the opportunity to join either the Air Force or the Army ROTC. These programs are run in partnership with the University of Notre Dame (Air Force) or University of Illinois Chicago/Purdue University Northwest (Army).

In exchange for a commitment to serve in the Air Force or Army, each student receives financial assistance to pay for tuition and expenses while going through officer training. Air Force and Army ROTC scholarships range in length and can be awarded for up to four years. These scholarships can include full tuition plus annual stipends to purchase textbooks and cover incidental fees. Cadets also receive a monthly allowance generally during the school year. After graduation — as an officer — you will enjoy a salary and a full range of benefits comparable to your civilian peers.

While attending college, you pursue an academic major of your choice and take ROTC classes in addition to those required to achieve your degree. Typically, you will be expected to take one ROTC academic course along with a leadership laboratory each semester. Upon graduation and successful completion of the program, you will receive a commission in the Air Force or Army as a second lieutenant.

Following graduation, you will begin your military service in a career path which you will decide while you are still a student. Note both programs require include some summer training.

Service specific information is below.

Careers options

Engineers – Scientists: The Army has opportunities for engineers in the Corps of Engineers, communications, and aviators.

Medicine: The Army has great opportunities for doctors, nurses, and in other medical fields.

Foreign Languages: The Army has many opportunities for cadets who are majoring in foreign languages. These opportunities are mainly in the area of intelligence work.

Additionally, the Army has a variety of opportunities for cadets who major in different areas of study. There are opportunities from transportation officers to procurement officers available to college graduates in many different majors.

Scholarship Information

Scholarships are available that cover up to full college tuition and mandatory fees or $10,000 for room and board per year. There is a 3 year option for scholarships available to freshman with funding begins in the Sophomore year.

Contracted Cadets received a tax free monthly stipend of $420 for 10 months of the year. Additionally, there is a $1,200 per year allowance for books, school supplies, and required equipment.

Eligibility Minimums

SAT Composite: 1000
ACT Composite: 20
GPA: 3.0

Careers options

Engineers – Scientists: The Air Force has a critical need for first-rate engineers to maintain its aircraft and weapon systems, to work in research and development, and to work with complex communications or electronic systems, high-speed computers, and in other areas.

Pilot or Navigator: Those who become pilots have varied responsibilities and enjoy unlimited flying opportunities in the aerospace age. Control of these complex and modern aircraft demand that you meet tight standards of excellence during thorough training in multi-million dollar aircrafts.

Additional opportunities exist such as intelligence, comptroller, contracting, management, education and training, legal, security/police, logistics, personnel, space, and medical.

Scholarship Information

Type I – 4 Year: Full tuition and fees, $510 / year for books, and a monthly non-taxable allowance during the academic year.
Type II – 4 Year: Up to $15,000 for tuition and fees, $510 / year books, and a monthly non-taxable allowance during the academic year. A Type II can be upgraded to 80 percent of tuition based on college GPA.
The allowance starts $250 in the freshman year and increases to $400 by the senior year.

Eligibility Minimums

SAT Composite: 1100
ACT Composite: 24
GPA: 3.0

General Eligibility

  • Become a U.S. citizen prior to scholarship activation
  • Be a high school graduate or have an equivalent certificate
  • Have no previous full-time college credit (joint high school/college program acceptable)
  • Complete fitness test prior to interview
  • Take ACT or SAT college entrance exam
  • Submit a Scholarship Application by Dec. 1 of your senior year of high school

Contact Information

Army – and social media @3rdROTCbrigade / UChicago Army ROTC
Air Force – / Notre Dame Air Force ROTC
Nick Rosasco – Valparaiso University Faculty Coordinator