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Reapplying for Financial Aid

Financial Aid makes every effort to keep aid for returning students consistent from year to year if a student’s need remains the same. However, many factors can influence a student’s financial aid eligibility, such as:

  • Differences in either the parents’ or the student’s income as compared to prior year
  • A change in the number of family members or the number of family members in college
  • A change in the parents’ or student’s reported asset holdings

Consideration for financial aid also depends upon applying for aid by stated deadlines (students must submit the FAFSA by March 1 of each year), satisfactory academic progress, the demonstration of financial need, and the availability of funds.

Most merit scholarships only require students to maintain satisfactory academic progress for renewal. However, renewal of some academic awards is based upon maintaining a specific cumulative grade point average (GPA), as noted in  the original merit award letter.

Instructions for How to Renew Your FAFSA