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Parent & Guardian Information

As we welcome your student to Valparaiso University, we also want to encourage you to be in constant communication with them. We often find that when students leave home, they also leave out information their parents and guardians still need to help them through their college experience. To better serve our parents, here are a few pieces of financial aid information you need to know that your student may forget to tell you.

  1. FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act) – Under FERPA, we are prohibited from sharing information with parents or guardians without the consent of the student. Therefore, it is important to discuss with your student that they give you access to the below information. If we do not see that permission was granted, we CANNOT discuss any specific financial issues with you.
  2. Student Account Center (SAC)SAC allows students to view their e-bill, current balance, transaction details, view details, make payments by eCheck or Credit Card, and enroll in a monthly payment plan by semester. Students also can grant parents and others access to SAC who may make payments on their behalf.  One-time payments may be made by anyone on behalf of student without logging into SAC.
  3. E-Bill Statements: After a student registers for classes, an e-bill statement will be made available in the Student Account Center (SAC).  Fall will be available in early July and for spring will be available in mid November. No paper bills will be issued.  Payment of tuition/fees is due by August 15th for the fall semester, Spring payments are due January 5th.
  4. DataVU: DataVU provides quick links to access financial and academic information, including a link to Student Account Center.  The Financial Aid link gives you access to financial aid information offered, forms needed, balances owed to the University (through SAC), grades, class schedule, payment options and more, BUT, your student must give you access to this information.  One-time payments may be made (through SAC) without logging into DataVU.
  5. Registration Holds: Returning student registration for summer classes begins in February, October for spring registration, and April for fall registration. Students who have a balance on their student account MAY NOT be able to register for that term of registration. Your balance may be viewed any time through Student Account Center or with your student to make sure all balances are covered to avoid issues with registration. If the student attended summer classes and has a balance, this may prohibit them from registering for the fall semester.
  6. FAFSA: Filing your FAFSA each year is important to do for both student and parent financial aid, and recommended by the Office of Financial Aid. Families are encouraged to complete the FAFSA after October 1 and before April 15. If you are from outside Indiana you should check the FAFSA website to ensure you know your state deadlines for filing.

Reach out to our Financial Aid Office

We’re happy to help you understand and apply for scholarships and financial aid. If you have questions, contact the Office of Financial Aid:

  • Address: Kretzmann Hall 1700 Chapel Drive Valparaiso, Indiana 46383
  • Email: finaid@valpo.edu
  • Phone: 219.464.5015