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Tuition Remission/Exchange

At Valparaiso University, our employees are integral to the educational community. For that reason, and because of Valpo’s commitment to education, the University offers generous tuition remission and tuition exchange opportunities for employees and their dependents.

Complete details about tuition remission/exchange can be found under the Tuition Remission/Exchange Policy found on the General Counsel webpage. 

  • If you are a current employee of Valparaiso University, and you have  questions regarding Tuition Remission/Exchange eligibility and policies, please contact Human Resources at Human.Resources@valpo.edu.
  • If your questions pertain to how Tuition Remission/Tuition Exchange relates to financial aid, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at finaid@valpo.edu.

To apply for tuition remission, fill out the application in the Office of Human Resource Services. Please refer to the Tuition Remission/Tuition Exchange Policy through General Counsel regarding full benefit and eligibility information.

The application should be completed and submitted to the Office of Human Resource Services a month before the school term, and no later than the first day of classes. For late applications, tuition remission will be prorated based on the date the application is submitted. Any late fees that are charged to a student account will not be waived.

Be sure to attach supporting documentation to substantiate the relationship between the qualifying employee and the student:

  • Child: birth certificate and most recent federal income tax return
  • Spouse: marriage certificate
  • Adopted child or child for whom the employee is or has been legal guardian: legal documentation appointing guardianship and most recent federal income tax return
  • Stepchild: marriage certificate of employee, birth certificate of the child, and most recent federal income tax return

Note: Divorced parents can submit either a copy of a tax return on which the child is claimed, or Form 8332, “Release of Claim to Exemption for Child of Divorced or Separated Parents.”

Full-time Undergraduate Students

Full-time undergraduate students must complete the master tuition remission application when they first enroll at Valpo. For those students, tuition remission will be renewed each year, as long as they continue to be full-time students and meet eligibility requirements. They will, however, need to apply separately for any summer sessions they complete.

If a student reduces his/her course load below 12 credits, drops out of school, or fails to meet eligibility criteria, she/he must submit a new tuition remission application when preparing to re-enroll.

Graduate and Part-Time Undergraduate Students

Graduate students and students taking less than 12 credit hours per semester, must complete a tuition remission form each year (if enrollment plans for the fall/spring academic year are known) or each semester or summer session (if enrollment plans for subsequent semesters are unknown).

Summer Session Students

All students who wish to use tuition remission for summer courses must complete a separate Summer Financial Aid Application available in the Office of Financial Aid and submit it to the Office of Financial Aid no later than the first day of class.

Graduate, part-time undergraduate students, and tuition exchange students applying for tuition remission for summer sessions must complete both the Tuition Remission Application Form and the Summer Financial Aid Application.

This is for students who qualify for tuition exchange through their parent’s employer and are applying for admission to Valparaiso University.

Those who want to participate in the Tuition Exchange Program need to work with their home school to complete the necessary paperwork and submit it through the Tuition Exchange website. Once their liaison processes the information it will be forwarded to Valparaiso University and reviewed to determine if the student is eligible to receive tuition exchange.

The student will be notified, by email, from Tuition Exchange if tuition exchange is granted. Tuition exchange will only be granted to full-time undergraduate students and is only applicable fall and spring semesters. Tuition Exchange can not be utilized for the Bachelor of Science in Health Science / Physician Assistant program. Tuition Exchange does not apply to graduate programs.

Employees and their dependents who are eligible for Valparaiso University’s tuition remission program may also be able to use that benefit at other colleges and universities. This applies to undergraduate programs only. Valparaiso University can offer this benefit because of its membership in Tuition Exchange.


Tuition Exchange is an association of colleges and universities that agree to a program of reciprocated tuition remission for the other schools’ employees and their dependents. This applies to undergraduate programs only.  Students using TE is still subject to the entrance requirements and tuition exchange policies of the institution at which they are enrolling.

Each institution has significant discretion in awarding TE benefits, under the guidance and monitoring of the TE central office. The TE benefit is defined as either full tuition or a minimum amount established by the Tuition Exchange central office. (At Valparaiso University, Tuition Exchange eligibility policies and procedures are administered in the same manner as Tuition Remission.) Again, tuition exchange only applies to undergraduate programs.

Opportunities to receive TE are limited. Applicants for TE benefits are strongly encouraged to contact the other schools directly for information regarding:

  • Confirmation of their status as participating institutions
  • TE application deadlines
  • Specific institutional eligibility requirements and procedures
  • Number of opportunities available under the plan
Valpo Dependent Eligibility

Dependents who are eligible for tuition remission at Valparaiso University are also eligible to apply for Tuition Exchange, as long as they plan to enroll full-time as undergraduate students.

Valpo Employee Eligibility

Employees are not eligible for TE benefits unless there is an imbalance of imports between the institutions of attendance and Valparaiso University. The Office of Financial Aid makes this determination and it cannot be overruled. Because of the import rule, employees should not anticipate receiving TE.

Application Process

Families should check with the schools to which the student is applying for deadlines, if any, for both Tuition Exchange and admission applications. The TE application is separate from the application for admission, but the two should usually be completed concurrently.

Tuition Exchange applications are available at the Office of Human Resource Services or on-line at www.tuitionexchange.org (for new applications only). Applicants may list all schools to which the student is applying on one TE application form. Once Human Resource Services certifies an applicant’s eligibility, the application is forwarded to the Financial Aid Office for processing with the central Tuition Exchange office.

Please note the following process:

  • October 1: First day that Financial Aid can submit TE applications to the Tuition Exchange office via online portal
  • November 1: New students should submit their TE application form to the Office of Human Resource Services or complete the TE EZ app on-line.
  • February 15: Financial Aid will begin sending annual recertification for continuing students through the TE portal.
  • April 1: Importing schools will usually review all applications by this date, although TE decisions may be offered earlier

The institution to which the student is applying for TE will notify both the family and  Valparaiso University’s Office of Financial Aid of acceptance or denial of the TE application.

Continuing TE Benefits

As long as the student continues to meet award eligibility, it should be renewed each year at the discretion of the awarding institution.