Registered students will receive an account statement prior to the start of each academic term per the chart below. These advanced billing statements are projected costs for the term and are posted to the Advanced Billing Statement tab within Student Account Center (SAC).  Students must login to SAC to view their Advanced Billing Statement.

Parents who would like to view the advanced billing statement should first request access from their son/daughter, who must grant access through Student Account Center (FERPA privacy laws do not allow Valparaiso University to grant access to parents without authorization from the student).  Click here for more information about SAC.


The Advanced Billing Statement consists of:

  • The student’s upcoming semester class schedule
  • Semester charges (tuition and fees)
  • Financial aid credit

NOTE: The advanced billing statement does not include credits for outside scholarships.


Summer Sessions: Changes will be posted in Student Account Center one week after the start of each session.


Students are responsible for reviewing activity in Student Account Center regularly.


Advanced Billing Statement / Payment Due Date by Semester

Academic Term Advanced Billing Statement Payment Due Date
Fall Semester Mid-July August 15
Spring Semester December December 31
Summer Sessions None Three weeks after the first day of the session



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