Care & Concerns Committee


The Valparaiso University Care and Concerns Committee (CCC) is composed of representatives from various departments to proactively support and address the needs of students who cannot be fully engaged on campus due to personal or institutional challenges.


The purpose of the Care and Concerns Committee is to provide faculty, staff, and students with a centralized place to report concerns about students who are experiencing a situation that is impeding their ability to be fully engaged on campus.  The team’s purpose is not intended to be reactive or punitive but rather proactive in order to identify students in challenging situations and connect with them before their situation becomes a crisis.


Students who may have suffered a significant loss, relationship crisis, illness, injury, hospitalization, personal or family situation, or resource insecurity affect access to housing, food, academic books/supplies, or other basic needs.


The Care & Concerns Committee consists of professional staff members across campus who are able to assist in providing support to a student in need. The committee collaborates with one another to develop a support outreach plan for connecting students with appropriate resources.

  • Noelle Pease, Committee Chair, Student Life
  • Ryan Blevins, Student Life
  • Sage Messenger, Residential Life
  • Olivia Gorman, Counseling Center
  • Christina Hearne, Access and Accommodations Resource Center 
  • Katherine Museus Dabay, Calling and Spiritual Life
  • Natalie Muskin-Press, Campus Recreation and Well-Being
  • Sonia Morales, Multicultural Programs
  • Laura Sanders, Student Success
  • James Wetzstein, Calling and Spiritual Life



If you are a student looking to submit a concern about yourself or another student, please visit the Student Support webpage.