A student and school counselor sit and discuss college admissions and Valparaiso University tuition.

Connect with Valpo Transfer Admissions

We’re sure you have questions. Will all of my credits transfer? How do scholarships and financial aid work? What will my professors and classmates be like? And a host of others. That’s why we have tons of opportunities for you to connect with Valpo admission staff.

Admission counselors sitting with parents and students during college tour

Reach Out

Feel free to contact our dedicated transfer team

Students with the last name ending in A-L:
Melissa Rogers
Email: melissa.rogers@valpo.edu
Text: 219.246.4254
Phone: 219.464.6124

Students with the last name ending in M-Z:
Reyna Wilson
Email: reyna.wilson@valpo.edu
Text: 219.246.2258
Phone: 219.464.5308


We’re here to help. Just contact us. We’ll respond quickly, and we won’t share or sell your information, or send a bunch of emails (unless you want us to).