Students can print documents on any computer cluster network printer. Network laser printers are available in all residence halls and public labs.

Faculty and staff can print documents on any network printer within their department or to any lab printer. Printing to a network printer requires installing the printer drivers. To request installation of a particular network printer, contact the Help Desk.

Black & white duplex printing and color laser printing are available on the first floor of the Christopher Center near the Help Desk.

See the PaperCut page for information about print quotas and per page costs.

Printer Repair / Maintenance

Problems with university printers should be reported to the Help Desk for repair or maintenance. Please include the printer make and model, location, VU Tag #, description of the problem, error messages, programs that were unable to print, computer(s) unable to print, and any other information regarding the issue to help facilitate a quick response to the problem.

Questions related to department printer purchases / upgrades should be directed to the Help Desk.


IT uses a print quota management system called PaperCut for network printing from lab computers. PaperCut also offers features that include, but are not limited to:

  • Print from your personal computer by uploading Microsoft Office or PDF files to a webpage and sending to a lab printer;
  • Transfer quota from one person to another; and
  • Manage your account online via a webpage showing your quota usage and environmental impact.

Print jobs cost $0.05 per page for single-sided black & white printouts, or $0.04 per page for double-sided black & white printouts (a 20% discount). Color printing in the Christopher Center costs $0.25/page; duplexing is not available with color printing at this time.

Students are given a monetary credit in their PaperCut account, and can login to check their balance at any time. A $50 print quota is given to each student on August 1st and is intended to last a full year.  That means the $50 is expected to last through fall, spring and both summer sessions but if a student needs to, they can add funds online through Papercut at any time. Please note: The $50 print quota is equivalent to 500 single-sided black & white printouts but can be used in any combination of printouts. We encourage responsible printing to minimize environmental impacts!

Faculty and staff are also given a monetary quota in this system in the amount of $20 per semester.

When print quota funds are depleted, you can purchase a quota increase by visiting the main Circulation Desk in the Christopher Center Library.

After logging in to the computer, a small window will appear in the upper right of your screen and shows your current balance. Click the “Details” link to check your account balance, transfer pages, or access information about your usage; you will be redirected to a webpage with this information. If you wish to minimize the window, an icon will become available in the system tray (lower right, next to the time display).

If you have questions about PaperCut or printing on campus, please contact the Help Desk.