Information Technology consists of several working groups, all reporting to the CIO. A PDF of our org chart is available.

  • Ben Acheff, Technical Support Specialist
  • John Bowker, Coordinator of Administrative Systems
  • Jim Crowley, Director of Data Architecture
  • Mark DeMateo, Director of Document Imaging and Management
  • Matt Hernes, Systems Administrator II
  • Clifton Howell, Network Administrator
  • Justin Hunt, Telecommunications Technician
  • Mike Karr, Programmer/Analyst
  • Jason Kellerman, Director of Infrastructure
  • Becky Klein, Manager of IT Communications
  • Bill Klein, Associate Director of Technology
  • Sue Kukurugya, Assistant Director of Continuous Improvement
  • Sharon Lane, Programmer/Analyst
  • Paul Lapsansky, Director of Technical Services
  • Kevin Ledbetter, Systems Security Administrator
  • Janet Lockridge, Senior Programmer/Analyst
  • Brent Lux, Programmer/Analyst
  • Rich Miller, Technical Support Specialist
  • Brandon Morrison, Manager of Help Desk Services
  • Diane Noe, Director of Operations
  • Al Poracky, Manager of Technical Support
  • Rachel Rivera, Technical Document Specialist
  • Jon Sanders, Director of Enterprise Application Systems
  • Dave Sierkowski, Chief Information Officer
  • Melanie Trowbridge, Associate Director of Continuous Improvement
  • Brett Vester, Manager of Classroom Technology
  • vacant, Solutions Engineer
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