The Office of Information Technology is focused on bringing students, faculty, and staff the highest form of technology in order to enrich the learning on campus.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Office of Information Technology is to support Valparaiso University by providing leadership, quality resources, and effective services in information technology; and to nurture an environment in which productive application of computing and information technology can flourish. Information Technology coordinates and manages servers; data networks (wired and wireless) including Internet access; communication resources including electronic mail, voicemail, telephone service, video cable, and satellite reception resources; general-access computing facilities; and general-purpose software related to the academic and administrative functions of the University.

Vision Statement:

At Valparaiso University, information technology is the servant of the people as they pursue the higher human values of knowledge, creativity, community, culture, integrity, and wisdom. Information technology exists to empower, to connect, to enhance, and to assist.

To that end, all students, faculty, and staff should have direct, easy, and effective access to the entire spectrum of resources, services, and human contacts available via the technology; and to the knowledge and assistance needed to understand and use that access, and the doors it opens, to greatest advantage.

The goal should be an extensive collegial human network and a rich set of technological services and resources located to maximize effectiveness, together with a network that transports all resources and services to the point where they are needed — seamlessly, cost-effectively, responsively, and in the chosen form. To support these assets, there should be a competent, capable, dedicated, and proactive staff of experts to consult, train, and assist in the use of the resources as well as to plan, provide, operate, and maintain them so well that the infrastructure goes virtually unnoticed.

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