The Valpo OneCard

What is your OneCard?

The Valparaiso University OneCard is your photo ID on campus complete with name, picture, and your ID number. If you need to receive a OneCard, you need to come to the IT Help Desk in person. We are located on the bottom floor of the Library, our hours today are 8AM-5PM. If this is your first one card, it will be free of charge. Any further questions please let us know. (Also please bring some form of ID, drivers license, etc for verification). It is important to keep your card safe and functioning. For more information on caring for your OneCard visit the Card Care page.

Click here for OneCard Rights and Responsibilities

Key Card

The OneCard is your key card to various buildings on campus. All students have access to computer labs, sports and recreational facilities, the Harre Union, parking ramp, academic buildings, and 24/7 access to your assigned residence hall. Residential undergraduate students have access to all other residence halls from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.. Any other required access is at the discretion of the supervisors of the buildings you might need to access.

Event Pass

Use your OneCard to gain free or reduced price admission to various campus events such as performing arts events, museum exhibits, concerts, sporting events, and various student activities.

Library Card

Your OneCard also acts as your library card at the Christopher Center Library and at the Law School Library.

Three Accounts

Dining Dollars – Your Dining Dollars/Meal Plan Account, which is stored on your OneCard, enables food purchase and other consumables from any facility operated by Dining Services. Students living in a residence hall will have the required meal plan account automatically activated upon class registration confirmation.

For more information visit the Valpo Dining Meal Plan page. 

Bookstore Credit – Using your OneCard at the University Bookstore, located in the Harre Union, allows you to charge course related materials (i.e., textbooks, computer software packages, school supplies) to your student account.

  • Apparel and logo items are not eligible to be purchased with Bookstore Credit.
  • Online purchases must be picked up at the University Bookstore with your OneCard.  Shipping to an external address is not permitted.
  • You can view your account anytime on DataVU.
  • Check the Bookstore website for more information regarding textbooks and course materials.

Beacon Bucks – Beacon Bucks is an optional account on your OneCard that acts similar to a debit card on campus. Add money to your Beacon Bucks account and spend it at Dining Services, copy machines, vending machines, the University Bookstore, Fitness Center, and many other services on campus. You can also use Beacon Bucks off campus at various restaurants and establishments.

For more info visit the Beacon Bucks page. 

For additional information about account management, visit the Managing Your Accounts page. 

Lost Your OneCard?

If you have misplaced or lost your OneCard immediately contact the IT Help Desk by email or by phone at 219.464.5678. We will deactivate your OneCard so that no one will be able to access the accounts or the key card access on your OneCard.

You may come into the IT Help Desk and request a temporary card while you attempt to find your original, (for more information, visit the Temporary IDs page) or you can purchase a replacement OneCard using cash, check, or Beacon Bucks for $15.