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Thank you for visiting the Valparaiso University Law School Department of Technology web pages.  We invite you to explore the content contained within as you seek answers to your technology questions, while providing information about our services.  For our students, inside you will find information related to using Microsoft Office as a legal writing tool.  A complete manual with step-by-step instructions for completing important tasks such as creating table of authorities, tables of contents, and managing page numbering.  There is also supportive documentation from  Legal Communications  technology training sessions such as  how to protect your work against accidental loss and manage metadata to ensure the data trail of your work, whether as a student or practicing attorney, is as you wish it to be.  Additionally, we have created pages specifically for faculty and staff with information on classrooms, CourseCast, law school accounts, and tips and tricks for Microsoft Office. We hope you find the technology answers you are looking for, and new content will be added regularly and existing content will be maintained up-to-date.  If you don’t find what you are looking for, please be sure to let us know.

Valparaiso University Law School Department of Technology.

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INFOHELP is an archive of  documentation that provides faculty and staff essential “How To” documentation, along with tips, tricks, and shortcuts, on the most widely used law school supported software and classroom equipment.  These archives are updated often, so check back  for more time saving and informative INFO.