The new copier / fax machine in the student computer lab is now operational.  You will need your student ID card in order to access the device AND you will need at least $0.05 in Crusader Cash on your card.

To load Crusader Cash onto your ID, you will need to visit the P.H.I.L. station located either in the Vending Area of the 1st floor of Wesemann Hall or the 2nd floor near the student computer lab in the Harre Union.  You will need to bring cash and your ID with you.   The minimum amount you can load is $1.  The cash to Crusader Cash transfer is immediate.

After you’ve got some credit on your ID card, you’re ready to use the new copier and fax machine.  Swipe your card in the readed attached to the desk, and the copier control screen will be enabled.  To make copies, place originals in the feeder (face-up) or place on the glass.  Instruct the copier as to how many copies you would like to make and them press the green Start button.  All copies are $0.05 per impression.

Faxing can be done for free once money has been loaded on the card. To use the fax machine, swipe your card to enable the copier.  Place your originals in the feeder or onto the glass, and then select the “Send” tab at the top of the copier screen.  Using the keypad, enter the number you would like the unit to dial and then press the green Start button to being the transmission.  There is no charge for faxing.  Remember that all numbers need an “8” before the number to dial out.

The Blackboard card reader will log you out of the copier automatically after one minute of inactivity.  If the unit is currently faxing or making copies, it will continue to do so in the background and will give you the status of operation in the lower portion of the copier window.

Crusader Cash can be used at all University Dining facilities, including the law school service line.  It can also be used on several vending machines, and at several local restaurants including Broadway Cafe, Industrial Revolution, Domino’s, Jimmy John’s, etc.  The list of merchants that accept the card are listed at: .

The law school Tech Aides will all be trained on the general use of the device.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the tech aide on duty.