Exam Schedule & Deadline Information


Valparaiso Law Exam Procedures and Exam Regulations


The following regulations apply to all exams.  See the exam schedule for dates and times of scheduled exams.

Exam Collection Procedure:
The final collection of exams will take place at the front of each classroom.  You are responsible for placing your exam number on each bluebook, Honor Code on the first bluebook and numbering the bluebooks, i.e., 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3, etc.  All materials given to you or taken by you during the exam must be returned to the exam administrator (all used and unused bluebooks, the exam question packet, pencils and pens.  If you complete your exam prior to the 10 minute warning, you will turn in your exam materials to the Head Proctor in the Atrium. Proctors in the classroom DO NOT collect exams. Writing after time has been called for an exam is a violation of the Honor Code. If you need to write the Honor Code on your exam following the exam time, please do so at collection.  All exams and final papers must be delivered in person.

Scheduled exams must be taken at the day and time assigned!  Exceptions are made only for a medical emergency of which the Vice Dean or Registrar is notified (medical verification required), or in the case of two exams scheduled for the same calendar day.  Do not ask your professor to be excused from a scheduled exam (it violates your anonymity).  Makeup exams must be taken ASAP and no later than 2 weeks after the exam period.

Students who have applied for special exam accommodations must report to Linda Canada, Assistant Registrar, on the designated date and time to pick up their exam.  Please see Linda prior to the exam period to sign your exam accommodations form.

The examination is to be written in the classroom where it is scheduled to be given (with the exception of  special accommodations).  No pagers, cell phones, electronic devices, briefcases, large purses, book bags or headsets are allowed.  If you want to type your exam you must apply to use ExamSoft. If you want to take your essay exams on ExamSoft you must register with both the ExamSoft website and Karen Koelemeyer, ExamSoft Administrator, before the designated deadlines.  ExamSoft exams will be administered by Karen Koelemeyer.  Students using ExamSoft will be in the classroom with handwriting students. ExamSoft students should sit in the back of the classroom and handwriters should sit in the front of the classroom. When possible, one empty table should separate the ExamSoft students from the handwriting students.

All bluebooks used for exams will be provided by the Registrar’s Office with a date stamped on the front cover. 
 You will receive two marked bluebooks with each examination.  Additional bluebooks will be available in the exam room.  Pencils will be provided in the classroom for scantron exams.  Extra pens, pencils and earplugs will be available at the Exam Center table.  Unused bluebooks must be returned with your completed exam.  Exam numbers are available in the Registrar’s office (at the Exam Center table during the exam period) and online in DataVU on the Grade Point Average by Term screen. Guard your exam number!  Write the number in a secret place in your wallet so you do not forget it. Do not share your number with others.  Your exam number label should be affixed to the bluebook cover beneath the handwritten honor code.  It is acceptable to legibly write your exam number if your labels are not available.

“I have neither given or received, nor have I tolerated others’ use of unauthorized aid.”

Each professor will tell you before classes end whether or not you may use your texts, notes and outlines during the examination.  If the exam is open book, you may take into the exam room those materials approved by the professor.  E-books are not allowed in the exam room.  You must make arrangements prior to an exam to borrow a printed textbook if you purchased an e-book for the course.  If the exam is closed, you may take only your exam labels and pen(s); everything else should be left out of the exam room.  Pagers, cell phones (whether ‘on’ or ‘off’), any electronic devices, briefcases, large purses, book bags and headsets are never allowed.

If you leave the exam room to use the restroom, leave your bluebook and exam packet face down at your seat.  If you become ill during the exam, go immediately to the exam table proctor with all exam materials (do not go to the professor!) If you suspect a typo on the exam go to the exam table proctor in the Atrium, and the proctor will contact your professor for you. Students taking exams are restricted to the Atrium and the first floor restroom area (just outside the Atrium). Please limit your absences from the exam room. Students leaving multiple times will be questioned by the proctors.

Once you have completed an exam, please leave the exam area.  Be cautious in discussing it with your professor or a fellow student.  Please be certain that students who may not have taken the exam are not present.  Because of the anonymous system used to protect professors and students from violations of the exam process, frequently only the Vice Dean and Registrar know which students have not taken a scheduled exam.