Law Review Symposium

National Security: Up Close and Personal

Friday, November 14, 8:00 a.m., Wesemann Hall

The symposium will focus on national security issues that affect the United States and every citizen within United States boundaries. The first panel will provide an in-depth discussion of local terrorism, including citizen terrorists and a discussion of the Chicago-based case regarding suspected terrorist, Adel Daoud. The second panel will address issues regarding privacy rights of United States citizens, including the constitutionality of data gathering programs as revealed by whistle-blower, Edward Snowden. Each panel is comprised of scholars and practitioners who are geographically and politically diverse and will provide a balanced discussion of the issues.

About the Law Review

Founded in 1967, the Valparaiso University Law Review is one of the oldest Law Reviews in the Midwest. The Valparaiso Law Review is a scholarly journal that publishes articles, lectures, and book reviews submitted by law professors, judges, practitioners, and student notes submitted by members of the Law Review.

The Law Review is comprised solely of Valparaiso law students and publishes four issues each year. It affords qualified students an invaluable opportunity for training and precise analysis of legal problems and clear presentation of legal issues. In addition, the law review membership enhances a student’s legal research, writing, and analytical skills.

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