Media Resource Center

The Valparaiso University Law School is happy to work with the media to provide access to our faculty members who are experts in a variety of topics. Our faculty are available to provide comments on news stories and issues.

For all media inquiries please contact the following at the law school: Nicole Skinner at 219-465-7832/

VULS Media Contact List

Animal Law Rebecca Huss
Anti-terrorism Legislation Robert Knowles
Antitrust Curtis Cichowski
Appeals/Appellate Practice David Cleveland, Clare Nuecherlein
Art Law Michael Murray
Bankruptcy Law Bernard Trujillo
Bankruptcy and Intellectual Property Curtis Cichowski, Jeremy Telman
Business Law Rebecca Huss, Del Wright, Jr.
Child Abuse and Neglect Seymour Moskowitz
China Intellectual Property Law Curtis Cichowski
Civil Procedure Robert Knowles, JoEllen Lind, David E. Vandercoy
Civil Rights Law Ivan Bodensteiner, Marcia Gienapp, Rosalie Levinson
Comparative Law Faisal Kutty, Curtis Cichowski, Edward Gaffney
Computer Law Michael Murray
Constitutional Law Ivan Bodensteiner, Rosalie Levinson, JoEllen Lind, Seymour Moskowitz, Jeremy Telman
Consumer Credit JoEllen Lind
Consumer Financial Services Del Wright, Jr
Contract Drafting Faisal Kutty, Nicole Negowetti
Contract Interpretation and Disputes Jeremy Telman
Copyright Law Michael Murray, Curtis Cichowski
Corporate Governance Bernard Trujillo
Corporate Law Bernard Trujillo
Criminal Law Geneva Brown, Derrick Carter, Andrew Rodovich, David Vandercoy, David Welter, Del Wright, Jr.
Criminal Procedure Derrick Carter
Criminal Trail Strategies Derrick Carter
Cybercrime Curtis Cichowski, Faisal Kutty
Death Penalty Representation Andrea Lyon
Democracy and Law Ivan E. Bodensteiner
Domestic Reparations Seymour Moskowitz
Domestic Violence Barbara Schmidt
Elder Law Seymour Moskowitz, Linda Whitton
Employment Law Robert Blomquist
Entertainment Law David Myers
Environmental Justice David Myers, Nicole Negowetti
Environmental Law David Myers, Nicole Negowetti
Equal Protection Ivan Bodensteiner
Estate Planning Paul Kohlhoff, Del Wright, Jr.
European Union Jeremy Telman
Evidence David Vandercoy
Family Law Seymour Moskowitz
Federal Income Tax Del Wright, Jr., Paul Kohlhoff, David Herzig
Felon Re-Entry Derrick Carter
Financing/Secured Transactions Del Wright, Jr
Food Law Nicole Negowetti
LGBT Rights/Issues Rosalie Levinson
Immigration Law Geoffrey HeerenBernard Trujillo
Intellectual Property Curtis Cichowski
International Human Rights Law Seymour Moskowitz, Jeremy Telman
International Business Transactions Jeremy Telman
International Law Jeremy Telman
Islamic Law Faisal Kutty
Juvenile Law Geneva Brown, Barbara Schmidt
Legal Ethics Michael Murray
Media Law David Myers
Mediation Barbara Schmidt, Ruth Vance
Mergers and Acquisitions Rebecca Huss
National Security Law Robert Blomquist, Robert Knowles
Religion and Law Edward Gaffney, Jr.
Securities Regulation Rebecca Huss
Sports Law Michael Straubel
Taxation Paul Kohlhoff, David Herzig
Tort Law Nicole Negowetti
Trademark Curtis Cichowski
Trial Advocacy David Welter
Trust and Estates David Herzig, Susan Stuart
Urban Affairs Rosalie Levinson
Wrongful Convictions Derrick Carter, David Vandercoy