Department of Sociology and Criminology

The Department of Sociology & Criminology focuses on social relationships in a wide variety of cultural and social settings. Its programs seek to help students achieve an awareness of the world in which they live and of the causes and consequences of human social behavior.

Classes in sociology and criminology range from those covering social institutions such as the criminal justice system and the family to those that make the daily headlines. Recent special topics have tackled the issues of school shootings, terrorism, and drug use in society.


Sociology at Valparaiso University is a dynamic major that allows students to explore the social world in which they live. Sociology students at Valparaiso University receive a broad education that combines the best of the liberal arts tradition with the practicalities of job related skills. Our students take courses in both social theory and research design. They learn to analyze social problems using critical thinking skills and they can learn to conduct program evaluations using the latest computer software.


The Department of Sociology and Criminology offers a traditional sociology major and the option to concentrate in criminology. The concentration in criminology offers students opportunities to learn criminological perspectives and concepts, conduct research, serve the community, and do internships. We prepare students for a variety of careers related to criminal justice, crime prevention and intervention, or advocacy, or for graduate or law school.


All Criminology students are required to do at least one internship and are encouraged to have more than one. Sociology majors not in the Criminology concentration are also encouraged to participate in one internship.

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