The career opportunities for biology majors are as diverse as the biological world itself. Many biology majors pursue advanced training in graduate or professional schools, while others go directly into careers.

Biology majors commonly find employment at:

  • Local, state, and federal government agencies (public health, parks, natural resource management)
  • Hospitals (medical technology, allied health fields)
  • Educational institutions (high schools, colleges, universities)
  • Pharmaceutical companies and medical research
  • Plant and animal industries
  • Utility companies and industries (environmental health)
  • Biotechnology companies

In addition, the biology department faculty recommends these comprehensive listings of career opportunities:

The Pre-Medical Arts Program at Valpo is designed to prepare students for admission to allied health programs, including medical, osteopathic, dental or podiatry school.

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Valpo graduates can take advantage of the Lutheran Education Alliance with Parochial Schools (LEAPs), which provides tuition and a stipend for graduates to earn their teaching certifications at Valpo.

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