Institutional Commitment Committee (ICC)
The function of the ICC is to support the diversity and inclusion efforts and platform put forth by the President of the university. This will be accomplished by evaluating commission documents, promoting the CIVC approved “Diversity Statement” for the university, and continuing to develop, update, and implement the inclusive terminology document that contains recommended language for the university.

Members: Maria Carvajal, Lulu Emerson, Janneal Gifford, Pete Johnson, and Richard Severe

Data and Accountability Committee (DAC)
The role of the DAC is to guide and evaluate the commission related goals contained within the University’s strategic plan, procure data related to the goals, and create, recommend, and execute accountability measures related to the goals. DAC will also share outcomes with university stakeholders including an annual summary.

Members: Juan Arellano, Kristin Flodder, Janelle Love, George Potter, Anne Raich, Reagan Skaggs, and Susan VanZanten

Campus Engagement Committee (CEC)
The function of the CEC is to be the external face of CIVC to the larger campus community. Members of this subcommittee will plan, promote, and work with Co-chairs to execute two listening sessions per year to further understand the campus community and share data from the Climate Survey. This subcommittee will work to advertise, recruit, and inform the campus community about CIVC and the role it plays. Three members of this subcommittee will participate as members of the university’s Town & Gown Committee.

Members: Ryan Bye, Christina Hearne, Fontaine Lien, Khalil Porter, Bailey Roberts, and Sangeeta Swamy