About Us

Parkhurst Dining is passionate about providing authentic food and flavors that are handcrafted and personally designed by our chefs for our guests. Our recipes come to life every day in our kitchens using the best ingredients prepared in the freshest ways possible.

We believe in knowing your source and partnering with the finest, local, family-owned farms and producers of food in our communities, for fresh products right from the neighborhood.

Our focus is on craftsmanship, and we choose imperfection over standardization.

Our chefs take production into their own hands – chopping, dicing, peeling, and cooking from scratch with real ingredients. It’s at the core of who we are, and we embrace it.

Our teams follow these standards to assure the highest level of food quality and the most flavorful, nutritious options for our guests.

Our scratch cooking methods are simple. We focus on fresh, non-processed ingredients that are not only good for you but authentically flavorful. On the plate, that means vibrant, savory, and more nutritive value. Food is prepared to order or cooked in small batches as close to service as possible. We’ll be serving up fresh, organic, cage-free shelled eggs daily, pizza dough that is made from scratch, hand-breaded fried entrées (and not from a package), and cookies and muffins hot from the oven – baked fresh in our kitchens every day!

We celebrate the difference local products can make in the quality of a meal, the communities we serve, and the environment! At least 20% of the food purchased for your dining program will be purchased locally. That means it’s seasonal, fresh, and supports local farmers and artisan producers – not to mention good for the environment by cutting down on pollution from transportation.

Your menus will emphasize fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains. Soups and sauces are made from scratch with fresh stock, which means richer flavor and less sodium in your diet. We only use trans fat-free canola oil and offer vegetarian options at every meal. Whether you’re looking to power up for a big game or for some brain food to boost your concentration for exams, we’ll have nutritious, health-focused options ready for you.