Pathway to 6-12 Licensure for Content Majors

Content majors including

-Math &
-World Languages

can pursue a pathway to 6-12 licensure in a couple of different ways. One way is to pursue an education minor (see below) as part of your undergraduate study. These courses, combined with a methods course and student teaching, will fulfill secondary licensure requirements and can be completed with your content major in 4 years.  Another way is to graduate with your content major in 3 years and then complete the secondary transition to teaching coursework in one year for a total of 4 years. Both pathways can be completed in 4 years and lead to full secondary licensure. 

For any questions, please contact Dr. Benjamin Boche,
Transition to Teaching Program Director 

Education Minor – 18 Crs.:

 Required Coursework

  • ED 220 Education Psychology 
  • ED 357 Designing Curriculum, Assessment, and Learning Plans
  • ED 360 Literacies Across the Content Areas
  • ED 470 Diversity, Equity, and Education
  • SPED 440 Differentiated Instructional Practices
Choose ONE from the following:
  • ED 206 School and Society
  • ED 210 Communication for Engagement, Instruction, and Classroom Management
  • ED 467 English Language Learning Methods
  • ED 490 Topics in Education