The university has temporarily halted admissions on this program while it explores a new departmental home.

In recent surveys of schools that employ Valpo graduates, 100 percent said they would actively seek Valpo school psychology graduates for future employment opportunities.

An education at Valpo develops the skills, knowledge, and dispositions that graduates need to succeed as school psychologists. The school psychology program measures its impact on all of these elements.


100 percent of school psychology interns have demonstrated that interventions selected for students in a PreK-12 school setting have made a positive significant impact on student learning and/or behavior.


For nearly a decade, 100 percent of all graduates have passed the School Psychology Praxis II examination, required for certification as a school psychologist. Students often pass with scores far above the nationally designated minimum.


Successful school psychologists share key dispositions: adaptability, dependability, initiative, ethical behavior, and more. Practicum supervisors rate Valpo students on these qualities; on average, Valpo students rate between “competent” (4) and “outstanding” (5) for every one.


2017-2018 Cohort
100% Graduation Rate
100% Placement Rate

2016-2017 Cohort
92% Graduation Rate
100% Placement Rate

2015-2016 Cohort
100% Graduation Rate
100% Placement Rate