Dr. Ryan Eckart


Dr. Ryan Eckart has worked in public education in Indiana for eighteen years.  Currently the principal of Red Cedars Elementary School, Eckart has also worked as a teacher, interventionist, assistant principal and district administrator.  Dr. Eckart works to build a positive climate and culture with his staff and students through his focus on literacy and technology.  Through his beliefs in developing strong relationships with students, he knows all students by name and works with teachers to inspire a love of learning at school.  Dr. Eckart has presented about school climate and culture, literacy and technology implementation at multiple state and national conferences.  He also believes in sharing the story of your school on social media. 

“Valparaiso University was the best choice for me to pursue my undergraduate degree in Education.  I loved the size and setting of the campus, as well as the class sizes.  My professors knew me and I moved through the program with people that became close friends and later colleagues. My favorite, and most meaningful part of the program was the opportunity for multiple experiences in the field. I learned about kids, different schools, and saw great teaching in action from my mentors. If choosing again, I would make the same choice about attending VU.  I entered the field ready to take on my own class, with tools and mentors to help me along the way.  VU’s Education Department believes in students and I am grateful for the support that I was given throughout my undergraduate years.”