The environmental science program offers two degree, allowing students to combine environmental science with another major if desired. Both major programs provide students with rich, interdisciplinary training.

B.S. Environmental Science (52 Cr.)

This major plan requires no second major or minor. It offers thorough training in scientific techniques of environmental analysis, as well as an exploration of the social and ethical dimensions of environmental issues. 2021-22 Degree Requirements

Complementary Environmental Science Degree (32 Cr.)

This major is designed as a complement to a primary major in either the sciences (for a B.S.) or humanities or social sciences (for a B.A.). It introduces students to scientific, humanistic, and social perspectives on the natural environment. 2021-22 Degree Requirements

Environmental Studies Minor

This 16-credit minor broadens the experiences of students with traditional majors in the College of Arts and Sciences by exposing them to approaches used by various disciplines and sectors of society that are attempting to solve complex environmental problems. 2021-22 Requirements for the environmental studies minor