Environmental Stewards

Wilderness Adventures!

“This past summer I’ve had the opportunity to collect native seeds for the Bureau of Land Management with the Chicago Botanical Garden and it has been a wild ride, to say the least. Every week my lead and I go out and scout historic populations of native plants and see if they are seeding and ready to collect. As a result of collecting so many seeds, I have gotten much better at keying plants although forbs and grasses get incredibly difficult. Usually, our trips are very far from our BLM base and require us to camp which is both fun and very tiring. “
“…Once my job finishes here in Nevada I have been offered a position to work as a GIS tech at the Chicago Botanical Garden…P.S. While he never made it to North America everything in Nevada is named after Alexander Von Humboldt.”  — Gus Rytting ’23

Scientist in the Park

For Brayden Pollvogt’21, a chance to work as a Parks intern in Hawaii was something he couldn’t let go. His dedicated work earned him a full time position as a team lead in the parks.

michelle lute

Roaming Researcher

Michelle Lute ‘05, Ph.D., has used her interdisciplinary training to work on wildlife conservation projects around the world.


Getting Into The Habitat

Through service projects, Associate Professor of Biology Laurie Eberhardt ensures her students apply the skills they learn in the classroom.

Mapping The Natural World

Jared O’Brien ’13 is passionate about the intersection of geography and the natural environment — and those interests have now become his day job.