How do I change my personal data, tax information, direct deposit data and other employee information? 
Contact payroll office at payroll@valpo.edu

How do I find out if I am eligible for Family Medical Leave? 
The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a statutory leave entitlement available to eligible Valpo employees. The brief summary below describes major features of the Act, as well as some of the rights and responsibilities for both employees and the University. Please see  the full FMLA Policy for additional information.

How do I apply for Tuition Benefits? 
Tuition Remission information and applications can be found on the HR website under Forms for Employees

How many sick and vacation hours do I earn each year? 
All Regular and Limited full-time employees and all Regular part-time employees receive an allotment of paid vacation days based on their employment status and years of service. Limited part-time and temporary employees are not eligible for vacation days.

First Year of EmploymentYears of Service Schedule
Hire DateVacation Days Available to July 1Years of Service as of July 1Vacation Allotment
Jul 1-31121 or less12
Aug 1-3111213
Sept 1-3010314
Oct 1-319415
Nov 1-308517
Dec 1-317618
Jan 1-316719
Feb 1-285820
Mar 1-314920
Apr 1-30310-1922
May 1-30220-2423
Jun 1-30125+25

In addition to vacation time Valparaiso University allocates six days of paid sick time at the beginning of each fiscal year to Regular and Limited full-time employees and a pro-rated number of days to Regular part-time employees. Limited part-time and Temporary employees are not eligible for Sick Leave.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my insurance or retirement plans? 
The HealthJoy mobile app provides contact information, healthcare guidance, and support regarding your Valpo benefit plans. The Healthjoy benefits wallet makes it easy to access your employee benefit cards straight from the app and provides contact information and phone numbers for all of your insurance plans and your TIAA retirement plan. Download the HealthJoy app at www.healthjoy.com/download.  If you have questions you can call Healthjoy at 877-500-3212.  For other benefit related questions, please contact Human.Resources@valpo.edu or Laura.Childers@valpo.edu.

How do I change my beneficiaries for my life insurance? 
Visit the Resources and Services Portal and click on the Benefit Enrollment link. Log on with your Valpo google email account.  Select “review current benefits”.  Select the life plan you want to change > Click on the view or change button > Click on edit beneficiaries.  Make the desired beneficiary change and confirm the change.  This will update the named beneficiary(ies).  

Who do I contact if I don’t receive a paycheck?
Contact payroll office at payroll@valpo.edu

How do I change my direct deposit information?
Contact payroll office at payroll@valpo.edu

If I am a current employee, how do I request employment verification for loan purposes, rental, etc.?
All employment verification requests should be sent to human.resources@valpo.edu

Who do I contact for HR compliance questions? 
All questions should be directed to Human.resources@valpo.edu or call 219-464-6759

How do I change my name, address and/or phone number?
Refer to the “How to Change Your Name, Address, and/or Phone Number for Faculty and Staff” article. 

Instructions can be found here