The Valpo Brand

What is the Valpo identity?

Valparaiso University’s identity is more than a look. Our identity reinforces our mission and vision and the uniqueness of Valpo.

“Valparaiso University, a community of learning dedicated to excellence and grounded in the Lutheran tradition of scholarship, freedom, and faith, prepares students to lead and serve in both church and society.”

-Valparaiso University Mission Statement

“Valparaiso University will be renowned worldwide for preparing women and men who are highly sought for their knowledge, character, integrity, and wisdom.”

– Valparaiso University Vision Statement

Value Proposition

Valpo is where all the wide-ranging things that define you, come together. We put your future into motion with focus and guidance—in and out of the classroom. Because at Valpo, your full potential receives our total commitment. It’s in the mentorship of your faculty, the opportunities that stretch your strengths, and the community that wants you to be your best you.