Loke Hall Resources

Loke Hall has several resources available to students. These resources tackle a number of difficulties students may face and provides them with the tools to succeed. From academic resources to mental wellness resources, we make sure to provide our students with the best care. A majority of these resources are available during regular hours of operation with a few exceptions.

Brave Space 1

The Brave Space is a community space that serves historically marginalized students. This space contains many other resources and provides a safe space for these students to exist. This community space has a TV, computers, study rooms, comfortable seating, and tables for studying. The student organization offices of AAPIC, Alliance, BSO, and LIVE are also in this room as well.

Windows computers are available to students both in the study rooms and in the Brave Space. These computers require a student login to be used. They also connect to a black-and-white printer in the Brave Space that is available for students to use. This printer can be accessed through Papercut.

A private conference room is available. The conference room has eight chairs but can fit more if needed. A computer and a whiteboard is available in the space.

All three of the bathrooms in Loke Hall are gender-neutral to ensure that all gender non-conforming students feel safe and welcome.

Loke Hall has a kitchen available for students to use. This kitchen contains a refrigerator, a small stove, a microwave, a sink, and a coffeemaker. Utensils are also available for use.

A private lactation room is available for nursing-parents. This room is equipped with a white-noise machine, mini-fridge, and a comfortable chair.

A mediation room is available in the Brave Space. This room is stocked with books on wellness, an essential oil diffuser, a moon chair, yoga mats, and a white noise machine.

Multipurpose room
Setting for a conference (26 people)
Multipurpose room
Setting for presentation (80 people)
Multipurpose room
Setting for presentation (58 people)
Multipurpose room
Setting for workshop (42 people)
Classroom Setting (40 people)
Classroom Setting (39 people)

The Multipurpose Room is a large room primarily used for events and general meetings hosted by the OMP and OMP student organizations. This room can be arranged in a number of different ways to optimize space and seating based on the desire of the event-coordinators. A TV and a podium are present in the room as well.

An outdoor patio is available directly behind Loke Hall. This patio has 2 outdoor tables available for seating. A bonfire and a grill are also available upon request. A portable ramp is also available to increase accessibility. Beyond the patio is a massive field that is perfect for outdoor games.

Three study rooms are available for student use in the Brave Space. These rooms have computers, desks, whiteboards, and plenty of seating. These rooms are used on a first come, first serve basis.

A room is available for telecounseling in the Brave Space. This room is equipped with a computer, a webcam, and a white-noise machine to ensure our students’ privacy.

Loke Hall offers a variety of tutoring services. On select days drop-in times will be available for peer-assisted learning sessions that cover topics such as studying strategies and procrastination. Also, when students complete a tutoring request through the Academic Success Center, Loke Hall is available as a meeting location. More information about Fall Semester 2023 will be released soon.

For more information, email Tayler Dove at tayler.dove@valpo.edu or the Academic Success Center at Academic.Success@valpo.edu.