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Personal attention and mentorship.

Physics and astronomy majors benefit from one-on-one advising from Valpo faculty, who help them navigate University requirements and degree options, as well as research opportunities and career decisions. Because the department typically has fewer than 10 students per class, each of the department’s faculty members gets to know each student very well.

Suggested Course Sequence

Unlike at a large public university, the vast majority of Valpo students are able to graduate in four years and can move successfully on to employment or continuing education.

In order to graduate on time, physics and astronomy students should carefully plan their schedules with their advisors. The suggested course sequence (PDF) outlines required courses as well as opportunities for electives. There are two different sequences: one for students entering Valpo on an even-numbered year, and one for those entering on an odd-number year.

Personal Inventory

Each year, physics and astronomy students converse with their advisors about goals, academic progress, and experiences at Valpo. Personal Inventory Worksheet (.doc) »

Letters of Recommendation

Faculty support students’ aspirations through personalized and thoughtful letters of recommendation. Students applying to graduate school should fill out the Recommendation Request Form (.xls) »