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Research Opportunities

What will you discover this summer?

Summer breaks provide astronomy and physics students with the time for in-depth research experiences. In addition to the many research positions on campus, students can also look for opportunities at university research centers and national laboratories. Once school resumes in the fall, students often present about their experiences at the physics colloquium.

Incoming Students: Summer Research Internship Award

If you are thinking about attending Valpo and becoming a physics or astronomy major, and you are interested in doing some research as soon as possible, consider applying for our First Year Summer Research Internship Award. This award guarantees you a paid summer research position with one of our faculty for 6 – 10 weeks (giving you time to go home during the summer as well). On campus housing, if needed, is also often available free of charge.


The department, as part of its ongoing commitment to relevant and rewarding undergraduate physics education, offers a variety of opportunities for undergraduate students to work with the faculty on cutting-edge projects.

Research opportunities with the Department of Physics and Astronomy change each summer, depending on research questions and grant funding. As summer approaches, faculty post the available positions and application deadlines on this page.

Click here to view and apply for Summer Research opportunities.

Summer research opportunities are competitive, and students may participate beginning the summer after their freshman year.


Physics and astronomy majors have the opportunity to carry out original research at other institutions during the summer as participants in summer research or internship programs sponsored by those institutions.

The National Science Foundation funds Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs) opportunities for students to work closely with investigators at institutions across the United States.

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If you are interested in other opportunities, speak with a member of the faculty to learn more about what may be available.